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*At the meeting (MUST READ INFO AT BOTTOM), we will discuss how ALL spots are “subject to change” between our “Football Band” (all students perform at Friday night football games, pep rallies, etc.) and our “Competition Band” (not all members will necessarily perform at Competitions) – this is the same system implemented in the general membership of the band.

designates new members

*Ballard, Holley*
Bauer, Aliya
Bauer, Gabby
Bethune, Kelli
Briscoe, Jessica
Donnelly, Elizabeth
*Gallipeau, Daylene*
*Goode, Desiree*
*Harwood, Colleen*
*Humphries, Allison*
Knight, De’Asia
*Lechman, Erin*
*Lee, Cecelia*
Locklear, Shalanda
*Melton, Emma*
Miller, Mackenzie
Murray, Veronica
*Ngewese, Ketty-Daphney*
O’Connor, Emily
O’Connor, Kimberly
Reavis, Shelby
Smythe, Aubrielle
*Tow, Kaylee*
*Williams, Ella*


There will be a mandatory parent/student meeting Tuesday, April 25th at 6:30 in the band room for all members of the Color Guard.
At least ONE parent and each student MUST be in attendance at this meeting.

8 Freshmen, 7 Sophomores, 4 Juniors, 5 Seniors (11 Rookies / 24 total)
(Holden, Makayla – pending official audition postponement)

Sand Mountain Invitational

Our first competition is finally upon us!  It seemed just yesterday we were at Band Camp learning the bare bones content of the show and trying to convince freshmen how awesome it would become and all that they would learn about themselves and team/family as part of this process.  Now we’re just about ready to… Continue Reading

September 19 Announcements and Alerts

Madison County Night of Bands: In case your student hasn’t filled you in on the details for tomorrow, students are staying after school tomorrow, Tuesday, September 20th for loading the trailer, eating their dinner, dressing in to uniforms, and departing on buses at 4:30 to head to New Hope High School for the Madison County… Continue Reading

Need to Knows from Mr. Souder

Here are a few upcoming things to mark on your calendars/schedules and to be aware of procedure: Friday, August 19 – Jamboree (HOME) – call time @ 5:00 (Football boosters begin charging for parking around this time so if a student leaves to go home and returns, it needs to be before they begin charging.)… Continue Reading