Albertville Game, Friday Sept 14

Hello Parents – if you weren’t there or didn’t hear, the band had a well-received performance again Friday night at The Cotton Classic against Hazel Green.  There are pictures and a video on our Facebook page.  We are anxious to get the Color Guard costumes and flags, and hungry to work on the details that we know we are lacking in, but the students are doing very well and have received some of the most impressive compliments ever – truly.
We’ve got TWO weeks to prepare for our first competition at the Stones River Championship at Siegel HS in TN.  A schedule with specifics for that will come out soon.
This Friday, September 14th, we are traveling by bus to Albertville HS, loading and leaving during 4th block band class.  Here are a few notes for you to help remind your student and to know our schedule.  I will send a Remind text with ETA during our return drive home.  (If you are not signed up for those, text @buckho to 81010 and please use your actual name to register.)
*Students must be sure to have their clean marching shoes, long white socks, uniform shorts, band shirt, clean white performance gloves, polished (and appropriately working) instrument, and all accessories when they arrive at school Friday.  Again, students’ shoes must have their initials inside.
*Students need to bring money for dinner at Chik-Fil-A or Zaxby’s – buses designated with students so they know which one they’re going to.  OR, students can bring a “sack dinner”.
*Students NEED TO BRING their water coolers in case Albertville does not provide waters and are encouraged to bring a couple of snacks if they feel they will need one on the ride home after the game.  We will not rehearse Friday so their cooler will stay full but we will not stop on the way home.

2:00 – Loading trailer
2:45 – Loading buses

3:00 – Depart Buckhorn
4:15 – Arrive at Dinner in Guntersville (2 buses Chik-Fil-A, 1 bus Zaxby’s)
5:00 – Depart Dinner
5:20 – Arrive at Albertville HS
5:30 – Unload trailer, dress
5:50 – Warm-Ups
6:05 – Ensemble show chunks
6:30 – Cadence to stands
7:00 – Game time
~8:00 – Half time performance
~10:00 – Game over (approximate… no telling with potential game situations)
~11:00 – Depart Albertville
~Midnight – 1:00 AM – Arrive at Buckhorn
Unload trailer, take care of equipment/uniforms, etc and released after obligations met
*Finally, PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE BUCK CIRCLE OR ON THE ROAD LEADING UP TO THE CIRCLE Friday night when the band and football team are arriving back at Buckhorn.  It makes it very hard or impossible for the buses to get up to the school and it is dangerous for our students who are making trips back and forth to the stadium unloading the trailer.  I’ve asked the same of the football program.  Please just park in the parking lots and let your student come to you.  Thank you!