ON MARCH 19, 2020


The organization shall be known as the Buckhorn Band Booster Association, hereinafter referred to as Band Boosters.

Section 1:

The Band Boosters shall support and promote all activities of the Buckhorn High School Band, which includes marching band, concert band, color guard, jazz band and any other organization that falls under the BHS Band program.

Section 2:

The Band Boosters shall promote policies, programs and activities compatible with the policies of the Madison County Board of Education and Buckhorn High School in order to promote, develop and maintain a quality band program. These policies, programs and activities shall include, but not be limited to, chaperoning, publicity, fund raising, and recommendations for other projects as mutually agreed upon by the Band Boosters and the Band Director.

Section 3:

The Band Boosters shall promote policies, programs and activities compatible with the policies of the Madison County Board of Education and Buckhorn High School in order to promote, develop and maintain a quality band program. These policies, programs and activities shall include, but not be limited to, chaperoning, publicity, fund raising, and recommendations for other projects as mutually agreed upon by the Band Boosters and the Band Director.

Section 4:

The Band Boosters will have no authority or control over the management of the band program. The Boosters will serve in an advisory capacity to the Band Director and administration.


Section 1:

Membership of Band Boosters shall include all parents or legal guardians/custodians of band members. Parents or legal guardians/custodians may request membership on behalf of individuals with whom they share in a domestic/parental/familial role to band members. To be considered for membership, individuals must attend a minimum of three booster meetings and/or serve a minimum of three “published” volunteer positions as posted during the Band Booster Association fiscal year, or a combination of the two, to meet the minimum of three. Membership requests must be made in writing to a member of the Band Booster Board Officers and is subject to a ⅔ vote of the Officers. No membership fee is required for eligible individuals to be a booster member. However, voting privileges and election as an officer are extended to a maximum of two (2) eligible members per band family and only to those eligible members in good standing considering payment of all Student Band Fees.


Section 1:

OFFICERS AND DUTIES Section 1: Officers of the Buckhorn Band Boosters Association shall be as follows: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Assistant Second Vice President, Third Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurers. All officers shall be elected for a term of one year, said term to run June 1 to May 31. Officers are eligible for reelection for up to three consecutive terms. No officer shall be eligible to succeed himself/herself for a fourth term. Any person serving as an officer must be an eligible booster member, in good standing, of a student participating in at least one semester of band at Buckhorn High School for the year in which he/she is elected.

Section 2:

The Officers of the Band Boosters shall comprise the Executive Board. Five officers shall be necessary to constitute a quorum. The Band Director shall serve in an advisory role to the Executive Board relative to school policy, performance planning, and will provide input for budget and fundraiser planning. However, the Director is not a voting member of the Board or the Band Boosters.

Section 3:

The duties of the Officers are as follows:

President - The President will be executive head of the Association and shall have general direction and supervision of the Association’s affairs. The President shall do the following:

  1.    Oversee all activities of the Buckhorn Band Booster Association;
  2.    Preside over all general meetings of the Buckhorn Band Booster Association and Executive Board meetings;
  3.    Establish from the Band Boosters’ general membership such committees as necessary and appropriate. The President will be an ex-officio member of all committees;
  4.    Along with the Treasurer, sign all deeds, bonds, leases, and other instruments creating an obligation on the part of the Association;
  5.    Ensure adherence to any contractual agreements between the Band Boosters and vendors, businesses, or contractors;
  6.    Support and assist the other officers and committee chairpersons on the fulfillment of their duties;
  7.    Support all fundraising activities of the band;
  8.    Send meeting notices and other notifications to the general membership as needed;
  9.    Ensure a driver for the vehicle transporting equipment for all away football games, competitions, and any other trip away from the school.

1st Vice President - The 1st Vice President will officiate and assume the responsibilities of President in his/her absence. The 1st Vice President shall do the following:

  1.    Coordinate evening meals for the students at Summer Band Camp;
  2.    Coordinate marching band uniform assignment to students, including sizing and fitting uniforms;
  3.    Coordinate chaperones and chaperone duties for all away football games, competitions, and any other trips taken by the band;
  4.    Coordinate chaperones and chaperone duties for home football games to provide in-stand assistance to the band and the Director;
  5.    Maintain the seat covers and insure that they are properly affixed to the bleachers at all appropriate venues;
  6.    Maintain uniforms and uniform bags, including dry cleaning and repair as needed;
  7.    Ensure that water is provided for and distributed to both the BHS Band and the visiting band at all home football games;
  8.    Work with the Director to coordinate any trip taken by the band.

2nd Vice President - The 2nd Vice President will officiate and assume the responsibilities of the President in the absence of the President and 1st Vice President, the Assistant 2nd Vice President will assume that role in the absence of the President, 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President. The 2nd Vice President and Assistant 2nd Vice President will be responsible for coordinating the following activities:

  1.    Be responsible for all activities of the concession stand;
  2.    Coordinate volunteers for the concession stand;
  3.    Purchase all needed inventory for the concession stand;
  4.    Coordinate cleaning of the concession stand prior to its opening and after each use;
  5.    Ensure that all equipment in the concession stand is in good working order and properly maintained;
  6.    Coordinate clean-up of the stadium when required.

3rd Vice President - The 3rd Vice President will officiate and assume the responsibilities of President in the absence of the President, the 1st Vice President, and 2nd Vice President. The 3rd Vice President will do the following:

  1.    Coordinate and supervise all fundraisers for the band, other than the concession stand.
  2.    Recruit volunteers for all fundraisers.

Treasurer and Assistant Treasurers - The treasurer and assistant treasurers will divide duties and responsibilities between themselves, and will do the following:

  1.    Establish and maintain accurate financial records of all Band Booster financial activities;
  2.    Present a written financial report at each regularly scheduled Band Booster meeting;
  3.    Be present at all band activities where monies are collected for the Band Boosters and assume responsibility of said monies;
  4.    Establish an annual operating budget in accordance with the requirements of these by-laws;
  5.    Only the Treasurer shall co-sign with the President on all deeds, bonds, leases, and other instruments creating an obligation on the part of the Band Boosters;
  6.    Maintain records of all student accounts.

Secretary - The Secretary shall do the following:

  1.    Keep an accurate record of all meetings of the Band Boosters and the Executive Board;
  2.    Publish minutes of all Band Booster meetings on the band website and/or by email prior to the next scheduled meeting;
  3.    Maintain the band website with current information, an updated calendar, and special notices as needed.
  4.    Maintain an updated roll of all band students, parent or guardian information and contact information;
  5.    Ensure that proper medical forms and other forms required by the Madison County Board of Education, by Buckhorn High School or by the Director are on file for each student and are properly maintained.
  6.    Attend to all correspondence of the Band Boosters as directed by the President, the Executive Board or the Director.
  7.    Assist the Second Vice-President with all paperwork and inventory relative to the Concession Stand operations.
  8.    Publicize band events and announcements.
  9.    Act as the Point of Contact for CHARMS, assisting parents and students with enrolling, and any other issues as needed.

Section 4:

The members of the Executive Board will have one student’s fall band fee waived for fulfilling their duties. Any additional students will have fall fees assessed at 50%.


Section 1.

A nominating committee shall be appointed by the Executive Board during the regularly scheduled February meeting.

Section 2.

The nominating committee will receive nominations from the floor at the regularly scheduled March meeting for nomination as officers  (President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Assistant 2nd Vice President, 3rd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer) for the upcoming school year. These nominations will be posted to the Band Website for all members to view. Additional nominations may be made by any member in good standing up to the last day in March, after which time, the nominations shall be closed. Such nominations by members shall be in writing to any member of the nominating committee.

Section 3.

The Committee will verify the eligibility (per requirements of Article II Section 1) of individuals nominated, and will call on each person nominated to verify that the individual is willing to accept the nomination for the designated position.

Section 4.

The final nomination slate will be posted to the Band Website and sent to the general membership by email once it has been compiled. The elections will be held during the regular April Booster meeting and will be done using a secret ballot. The nomination committee and at least one member of the current Executive Committee will collect all ballots and count them, recording the results in the minutes when they are presented to the general membership.

Section 5.

Between their election and assumption of responsibilities the officers-elect will serve as nonvoting observers supporting the incumbent Executive Board in transitioning Band Booster activities.

Section 6.

Officers-elect for the upcoming school year will assume office at the Band Banquet held in the spring of the school year.

Section 7.

Upon election and acceptance of an appointed seat on the BHS Band Booster Association Board of officers and once band and fees have been waived and or adjusted, should at any time throughout the one year term, an officer request to step down from their appointed duties or should the board upon a consistent basis find them negligible in their appointed duties, the remaining officers in the presence of the officer in question, may vote to release the officer from their appointed position on the board. Upon a 2/3 vote the officer’s position will be vacated and the fees that were waived and or adjusted will become due in payment back to the BHS Band program. The board may approve the proration of waived officer fees and the allocation of new prorated waived fees for both interim and voted in replacement officer.  This proration may require that the combined sum of the waived fees for the outgoing, interim, and voted in replacement officer may be greater than those associated with an in-situ officer. The board shall approve prorated fees for officer replacement by a 2/3 vote in agreement and shall not require general association approval. The general association vote will follow election guidelines in terms of acceptance, and occur at the next scheduled general association meeting, or the board may request and convene a general association meeting to specifically address voting in replacement officer, depending upon time of year and position involved.


Section 1:

The Executive Board shall meet monthly, preferably one week prior to the general membership meetings. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss overall business and to set the agenda for the next general meeting.

Section 2:

Beginning in August (or the first month of the school year, if different) , the Band Boosters general membership will meet once during the months of August, September, October, February, March and April at a date and time scheduled by the Executive Board.

Section 3:

Meetings other than those regularly scheduled meetings discussed in Section 2 shall be called through written (email or website) and/or verbal notification to each Band Booster member. Only business specific to that special meeting shall be conducted.


Section 1:

Prior to the beginning of the fall semester, the Executive Board will meet and establish an operating budget for the upcoming year. The proposed budget will include, but not be limited to, uniforms and uniform maintenance, transportation, instructors, instrument purchases, instrument repair and maintenance, and music.

Section 2:

The proposed budget will be presented to the general membership at the first regularly scheduled Band Booster meeting of the fall semester, and a vote to approve the budget will be taken. The budget will be approved and adopted if a majority of members present at the meeting vote to approve and adopt said budget.


Section 1:

Band Camp Fees are assessed for each student to assist in the costs associated with camp including lunches, professional instructors, and equipment. Each student will be charged a Band Camp fee which is due and payable on the first day of band camp. This fee will be considered delinquent if not paid by the end of the first week of band camp.

Section 2.

Band fees can be adjusted yearly based on prior years’ expenses and estimated expenses for the upcoming year. Fees for the upcoming year will be announced prior to the end of the current year to allow parents to make arrangements. Fall fees will be assessed and due as indicated in a “Fee Structure” document which shall be made available via the band website no later than 1 June of each year. Spring fees shall be assessed and due as indicated in the “Fee Structure” document. Failure to pay fees will result in limited student participation until fees owed are paid. Parents for whom this presents a true hardship should bring their hardship to the Band Director so that alternate arrangements can be made. For families with multiple students in the band, one student shall be assessed fees at 100% of the established rate and additional students from the same family will be assessed fees at 50% of the established rate.

Section 3:

Each marching band member, other than color guard and drum major, is provided a basic uniform and uniform bag. Various other items are mandatory and will need to be purchased on an as needed basis. These items include, but may not be limited to, marching shoes, socks, shorts, gloves and poncho. The cost of these items is determined by current market price.

Section 4:

Drum Major, Color Guard, Winter Guard, Jazz Band, and Concert Band students will be required to purchase their own uniforms as required by the Director and will as such be the property of the student.

Section 5:

Instrument Rental Fees per semester will be assessed for each semester for all band students that rent a school/band owned instrument. The student will not be issued a school/band-owned instrument until appropriate arrangements have been made with the Director to pay the fee for the applicable semester.

Note: Each student renting a school/band owned instrument will receive and sign for the instrument in proper working condition and is expected to return the instrument in comparable working condition at the end of the semester or school year, depending on the rental period. Any repairs required other than fair wear and tear will be the responsibility of the student/parent to pay for prior to turn-in. The determination of fair wear and tear will be at the discretion of the Band Director.


Section 1:

Fundraising opportunities will be provided, as possible, for the benefit of the students and parents to offset fees and for the general welfare of the band program and will be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by the Madison County Board of Education and Buckhorn High School.

Section 2:

Net proceeds from each fundraiser will be credited to student accounts based on participation and/or to the general band fund as determined by the Executive Board. All funds posted to student accounts will be used first to pay mandatory fees owed by the student, and then shall be applied to optional band trip costs. Any balance that accumulates in the student account will roll over to the next year until such time as the student is no longer enrolled in the band program. At that time, all funds in the student account will revert to the general band fund.

Section 3:

Any member of the Band Boosters may propose opportunities for fundraising. Fundraising proposals shall be submitted in writing (letter or email) to the 3rd Vice President. The proposal should include the following information as a minimum:

  1.    Description of the fundraising activity;
  2.    Name and phone number of the person making the proposal;
  3.    An estimate of upfront costs;
  4.    Description of the net profit that will be earned;
  5.    An estimate of the number of parents/students that will be required to conduct the fundraising activity;
  6.    The name of the person who would be willing to take a leadership role for the fundraising activity if known.
  7.    The Executive Board will review the proposal to ensure that all required information is included, will discuss the proposal and conduct a vote to determine if the proposal will be forwarded to the Band Boosters for consideration. If the proposal is recommended by the Board, the 3rd Vice President will present the proposal at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Band Boosters. For a proposal to be implemented, it must receive the vote of the majority of members in physical attendance at the meeting.


Section 1:

Committees will be established by the President and/or other officers on an as needed basis.

Section 2:

Committee chairpersons must be active members of the current semester’s Band Booster organization.

Section 3:

Committee chairpersons are expected to attend Executive Board meetings at the request of the President or other officer. They will not have voting rights at such Board meetings, but are expected to provide input.



Any member of the Band Boosters may propose an amendment to the By-Laws by presenting said amendment in writing to a member of the Executive Board. Said proposed amendment will be posted on the band website and will be presented for review and discussion at the regularly scheduled meeting prior to the meeting at which a vote is taken. An amendment will be passed and adopted if the majority of members in attendance at the meeting shall vote in favor of passage and adoption.

Section 2:

Once an amendment to these By-Laws is approved, the Booster Secretary will publish the Amendment to the By-Laws on the Band’s website and on the written copy of the By-Laws maintained by the Secretary.

Adopted by the Buckhorn Band Booster Association March 19, 2020.