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all-day Marching Band Competition – JSU, AL
Marching Band Competition – JSU, AL
Oct 20 all-day
Our next competition will be at JSU on Saturday, October 20th.  Like other contests, this will be a full day engagement.  Specifics about the itinerary will be shared the week before or early the week…
8:30 AM Veteran’s Day Performance for Ri...
Veteran’s Day Performance for Ri...
Nov 8 @ 8:30 AM
Select students will perform for Riverton Elementary School’s Veteran’s Day Program during 1st and part of 2nd block this day.  Will be excused and select students will be able to accept the opportunity if they…
5:00 PM Huntsville Havoc Game Performance
Huntsville Havoc Game Performance
Nov 16 @ 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Huntsville Havoc Game Performance.  This event is an easy and fun performance for our students and will constitute another fundraising opportunity as tickets will be made available for you to sell and you will get…

JSU Contest of Champions


*Football Band students will follow the same schedule as Competition Band marchers and be involved in the entire process, helping with logistics and involved throughout.  These students will not need to wear the uniform and should plan to wear tennis shoes, khaki shorts, and the band shirt.  Competition Band marchers...

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3rd Competition Update


I just sent the following email through CHARMS a few minutes ago, as we have been informed that the CHARMS email send issue has been fixed.  Therefore, all parent and student addresses should be receiving emails through CHARMS once again.  However, I’m sending it through our Gmail address book just...

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This week:

Remember: cookout prior to Pep Rally.
If you can donate any of the following,
please email buckband.1vp@gmail.com :

  • 12- 12 packs of sodas, cokes, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke (we already have water)
  • 5 Large Lettuce Heads sliced for burgers 
  • 14 Large sliced tomatoes
  • 6 Large sliced onions 
  • 5 Large jars of sliced pickles
  • 4 Large squeeze mayonnaise
  • 4 Large squeeze mustard 
  • 5 Large squeeze ketchup
  • 110 slices of cheese 
  • 4-54 Count assorted Frito Lays Chips which can be bought from Costco

Volunteer Opportunities: We need Equipment Team Members, Chaperones, and EAA Breakfast and lunch crews. Sign up at Charms.