Fall Break and Competition Dates

1) Fall Break Varsity away game performance cancelled
2) The 3rd marching competition confirmed.
In years past, the Buckhorn Marching Band has performed in the stands at the Varsity football game during Fall break.  We’ve been able to do so because the game is typically home or a close away location, and any students who are not out of town participate.  However, this year is different with the away game performance at Fort Payne High School, requiring a bus trip, while I won’t be available myself.  I have been in the process of determining if and how we would participate.
With Mr. Markham’s recommendation, yesterday in class, I discussed the circumstances with the students and first asked if there were any who would really want the opportunity to perform at this game.  In consideration of the circumstances, the response in support of attending was very low.  I then polled the students to determine who would be in town and available to support a pep band.  That question essentially decided for us, since we won’t have enough of a solid instrumentation to have a sufficient presence in the stands.  Therefore, the rest of the circumstances are moot.
All of this is to inform you that we will not be traveling to the Varsity football game at Fort Payne during Fall break, on October 12th.
Finally, I also discussed with the students the decision I’ve been making concerning our 3rd marching competition as there were two date options.  With the students’ and staff’s help we’ve decided on October 27, which will mark the end of our competition marching season.  I will be working to confirm a venue and will announce the location very soon.
Therefore, we are confirmed to perform in competition:
September 22 at Siegel HS in Murfreesboro, TN
October 20 at JSU, AL
October 27 (in final stages of evaluating venue options)

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Director of Bands
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