Florence Football Game This Friday

This Friday, 8/30 our marching band will be traveling to Florence High School (Braly Stadium, shared with the University of North Alabama) in Florence, AL.  Please see the following schedule for information about our trip.   All students must come to school with everything they need.  Students will travel to Florence wearing their “under uniform” parts which they can change in to at call time.  They may wear a pair of pants, jacket/sweatshirt on the trip if they’d like but we will be dressing in to uniforms outside in public so the “under uniform” parts must already be on, including long white socks, marching shoes, white/gray shorts, band shirt.  ALL students will wear their Blue “B” Band shirt.  We will coordinate color guard costume change at dinner or arrival at Florence.  Hair and make up must be done by the time we get to Florence.Instruments must be polished Thursday night or Friday morning since there will not be time during load.  This will be our first time in uniform and our goal this week is to add the 4th movement (percussion/color guard feature) drill.  Braly Stadium is very large and we will get a great video from a very high vantage point.

1:00 – Students released from class (& will only miss about 15 minutes of instruction since the school will be on Pep Rally schedule; 3rd lunch students will finish lunch) – load the trailer and do triple checks

1:45 – Load buses (sections will be assigned on specific buses with chaperones taking roll on every load – boys & girls may not sit together)

2:00 – Depart BHS

4:00 – Dinner in Florence – Cox Creek Parkway fast-food establishments (Wendy’s, Arby’s, Zaxby’s) – students should bring $10 for dinner or bring their own.

5:00 – Arrive at Braly Stadium, unload, dress in uniforms/costumes

5:45 – Warm-up

6:30 – Enter stadium, get seated, receive water

7:00 – Kick-Off

8:00-8:30 – Half time performance, receive water*

10:30 – Depart Florence, receive snack bag & water*

12:30 – 1:00 – Return to BHS, unload, dismissed
*As you know, the end of the game is unknown in consideration of time-outs, injuries, delays and game play itself.  We predict the game should conclude between 9:30 and 10:00.  We will reload instruments and equipment, dress out, and load buses as soon as we can so we can get on the road home.  I will send a remind text update when we leave with an estimated time of arrival (ETA).  Parents, it is very important that you are at the school to pick up your student within 10-15 minutes of our arrival time.  DO NOT park in the Buck Circle or on the main drive from the lower lots to the Buck Circle.  I am asking the Football program to inform their parents not to park there either, as buses will not be able to get to unload.  All students must help unload the trailer when we return but are free to go once they’ve taken care of their responsibilities.
As always, a huge thanks to all of the incredible parents who helped at our season kick-off game Friday night against MCHS.  The Bucks came away with a solid win and the band had a great performance with a positive crowd response.  Soon we will have more parts to our props for which we will need help moving and putting on field.  I look forward to getting to meet everyone!