2019 Band Camp Info

After seeing the note below and signing up for the new remind text service, read the newsletter. It is crucial for each parent (and student) to read the newsletter in its entirety.  It is VERY IMPORTANT! 


The REMIND TEXT service is CHANGING:Each student & parent should be signed up for Remind text notifications already.  Whether you are or aren’t, the service is changing and everyone will need to join a new group.  Remind text notifications are very important and convenient!  
Starting on July 16, free accounts (like we use) can only have up to 150 participants per class.  However, I can utilize up to 10 classes – so we will still be able to reach everyone.  I will have to stop using the existing (@buckho) group for messaging because we have 500 participants in that group.  Please see the instructions below to sign up for the appropriate groups that I will begin using at the start of band camp in two weeks.  
Please join the appropriate group below, based on graduation year.  150 participants per group will enable each student and their parents to join, based on grade level, without us exceeding the limits, and you won’t have to change groups each year (as long as Remind doesn’t change things again).  PLEASE use YOUR actual name when signing up – students and parents.
SENIORS – text @bhsb2020 to 81010 to join “BHS Band Class of 2020″JUNIORS – text @bhsb2021 to 81010 to join “BHS Band Class of 2021″SOPHOMORES – text @bhsb2022 to 81010 to join “BHS Band Class of 2022″FRESHMEN – text @bhsb2023 to 81010 to join “BHS Band Class of 2023”

– BHSMB Camp is on the campus of BHS.  Please be sure your student arrives no later than 7:45.  We will start in the band room before heading outside.  Subsequent days, students will go straight to the field.
– Students need to have already eaten a good breakfast (!!!!!!), bring their own lunch and “recharge” snacks each day.  We will take frequent but brief water breaks with a few longer ones here and there at which times they can grab a granola bar.  Lunch (week 1 & 2: 11:30-12:30) and Dinner (week 2: 4:00-5:00) will be full hour breaks.  The Booster Association will provide dinner during the second week.  (See Mrs. Solanto’s email about volunteers needed.)
– Every student MUST have a full gallon water jug (PLEASE be sure it is not half gallon, etc.) as those just don’t last.  Students will be able to refill at lunch/dinner breaks if they need to.
– Please note that staff and I will be with students at ALL TIMES, going through the same challenges/elements they will.  We will be outside in the morning, until lunch, and then inside all afternoon (until after dinner on week 2).  All students need to have a rain jacket with hood or a poncho.  We do stay outside if it’s just light rain.  Brass and drums can get wet.  Woodwinds put instruments in cases in soccer shed, etc.  We go inside if there’s any sign of inclement weather.  A change of clothes is a great idea if we get wet.
– All of the forms referenced in the band camp newsletter are available on the website – www.buckhornband.com – and must be turned in at uniform fitting day July 20.  We will have a notary on site this day.  A representative from Gadsden Music will be on site selling the marching uniform shoes.  Vets must have a good looking/quality shoe.  I will send a Remind text (see about new text groups from last email) with the price – checks made out to “Gadsden Music”.
– ANYONE who uses a school-owned instrument needs to complete the rental contract and turn in with $80 at this time, as well – percussion, tubas, baritones, mellos.
– If you/your student absolutely cannot attend the uniform fitting (for percussion/winds) on Saturday, July 20th (according to the schedule Mrs. Solanto sent), please email her back right away ([email protected]) so we can work on sizing those students BEFORE July 20th.  You’d need to send the forms in prior to July 20th as well.  There is a “forms basket” in front of my office.

An important personal “testimony”.  Instead of having parents join us for introductory stuff on the first morning, I’ll just put it here:
I kindly ask that you trust me/us with your students.  I do not take my responsibility for your students lightly and I convey that to our staff very strongly.  I appreciate you sharing them with me/us.  Their health and safety is always our # 1 priority.  For many students, this may be one of the hardest things they’ve ever had to do which is why it’s SO important they hydrate, eat, and prepare).  We will push them and I will expect their absolute best (which again, for many, may be more than they think they can give) but as most students express each year, it will also be one of the best weeks of their high school years.  We will push and pull, coach, discipline, and love them as we work right beside them!  I realize I am a bit biased, but I truly, wholeheartedly believe there is no activity better for your student than this one.  I will do my best to prove that to you.

Every student is different – and since we have 9th through 12th graders on the same team, the dynamics are very interesting, challenging, and fun.  We have a wide variety of “veteran” students who are developing on lots of different levels, while learning how being one grade higher is different at each level.  Veteran parents – please encourage and remind your student to push themselves and to be the example.  Freshmen parents – please encourage your student!  They will likely come home exhausted and some may (but hopefully they won’t) say they don’t want to come back.  They must.  And their perspective will change.  Some students in today’s age of “immediate gratification” have a hard time working through challenges and disappointment for that “delayed gratification”.  I strive to maintain a fun & positive learning environment, but sometimes your student won’t like what they hear and won’t enjoy the process.  But we must help them learn to believe in and subscribe to “the process” as it will be so very applicable to so many things in their future lives.  This isn’t just band – it’s life.

(By the way, if your student tells you something that sounds questionable or crazy, it may very well be inaccurate or misinterpreted.  Remember our student leaders are learning and do make mistakes.  I will constantly working with them as well.  You are welcome to shoot me an email if you have a concern.)

And with that, I want to invite all parents to please come observe (any time) – particularly the evening sessions of Week 2.  I’ve always tried to push the tradition of parents coming out with lawn chairs to watch.  Bring a drink and enjoy!  It’s great for the students and great for you to see their growth as well as how we operate and how I teach.  I can’t wait to get going with your students July 15th!

Jacob Souder
Director of Bands
Buckhorn High School
256-851-3300 X 21142