Documents & Forms

Buckhorn Band Fees 2017-2018

The following forms are required for each student.  You may have already filled out these forms for other organizations.  However, the Madison County Board of Education requires that the Buckhorn Band obtain these forms as well.   According to MCBOE policy, your student will not be able to participate until all of the required forms have been submitted.

BHS Band Handbook and Syllabus (Marching Band and Concert Band)  – Last page to be signed by parent and student and returned to Mr. Souder.

Madison County Extracurricular Permission Waiver

Madison County Out-of-County Form (must be notarized)

Buckhorn Band Information Form  (Updated for 2017 – Charms database)PLEASE NOTE YOU CAN NOW FILL THIS FORM OUT ONLINE AND PRINT OUT TO TURN IN. 

Optional forms to be completed:

Madison County Health Form  (Please submit this form if there are health concerns Mr. Souder needs to know about. Also, please contact Mr. Souder to discuss said concerns – your student’s health is priority #1.)

Instrument Rental Contract (This must be completed by any student using a school-owned instrument: winds and all percussion- accompanying $80 rental fee.)

Internet Permission Form  (Please fill out this form ONLY IF you deny consent for us to use your student’s picture on a public forum.)