Buckhorn Guard

Color Guard

The color guard is a group of students who use dance and equipment to visually express the music of a marching band show.  The color guard is a section of the marching band and rehearses with the band at every rehearsal.   A typical color guard routine consists of work with flags and rifles and complex choreography containing a mix of ballet, jazz, modern and contemporary dance styles.  Being a member of the color guard is an athletic activity and the difficulty of their trade requires that they rehearse throughout the summer, as well as during the Fall, when band camp starts.  Auditions for color guard are held at the end of Spring semester in preparation for Summer and Fall.

Winter Guard

The winter guard is an indoor color guard ensemble that meets in the Spring semester.  Unlike Fall color guard, this ensemble meets to rehearse indoors in a large area, usually a gymnasium or cafeteria.  Performers use recorded music instead of live musicians and perform a choreographed routine that combines dance with flag and rifle work.   This extracurricular ensemble rehearses after school and performs in the globally recognized WGI circuit, like the indoor drumline.  Auditions for this ensemble are held during the Fall or Spring semester, depending upon scheduling.