Concert Band Audition Music

Concert Band audition materials are now available in the band room and with links below  Please be sure you/your student gets a copy.

You can click and view or download audition music:



Bass Clarinet







Baritones 1
Baritones 2

Percussion 1
Percussion 2

PARENTS:  Please help your student plan time to practice/prepare over the break.  Please read the front (cover) page with your student to be sure they know what all the expectations are.  For example, high school students should know all 12 of their major scales and at the audition, they may be asked to play any of the 12 (usually 3) major scales.  Also, please be sure they understand that they must have prepared the music between the two brackets on the back (etude) side of the sheet.
As is noted on the sheet, each instrument section will be assigned a specific day between January 3rd and 9th (school days); recordings of the etudes can be found on the University of South Alabama website – – and some other specific tips are included on the audition sheet.
Finally, all students should return from the break with their instrument in good working condition and all accessories (i.e. all reed instruments should have a BOX of reeds with at least 3 broken in, brass players should have all slides functional and have valve oil).
I hope everyone has a relaxing and enjoyable winter break and a very happy holiday!