Volunteer Needs for September

All signups are on CHARMS. This is a running list of specific volunteer needs for the upcoming week, but please check CHARMS for the actual signup times and needs.

Equipment Crew:
Sign ups are now on charms. We are going to decrease the number of adults necessary to move props this game and try that out! For drivers, we have Phil Harris on little blues and Daniel Howell will be flying Big Blue. Thanks! Gordon

Concessions and Cleanup:

  • BHS vs Albertville game 4:00-10:00 for Friday, September 13.
  • Stadium Clean Up after the Albertville game for 8:30am-11:00am Saturday, September 14.
  • Freshmen/JV vs Bob Jones 4:00-10:00 for Monday, September 23. This includes stadium cleanup after the game.
  • BHS vs Sparkman game 4:00-10:00 for Friday, September 27.
  • Stadium Clean up after the Sparkman game for 8:30am-11am Saturday, September 28.

Come on out and have a great time and earn some credit towards dues! If you are interested please sign up through CHARMS. Go to calendar>Go to the date you want to sign up for> Click on the little multicolored hand.

Please see individual sign up for fee credit amounts towards your student’s account. NOTE: Workers must stay for the entirety of the shift to receive full credit. Wear comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes. See additional information below.

High school students may sign up for the Freshman/JV games and stadium clean up spots. If a student is under 16, they may only work in concessions with a parent or guardian.

NOTE: If you are unable to make your sign up, call Heather Hoffman at 256-613-7774 so she can call an alternate. If you sign up as an alternate, you are expected to be available ONLY if called. Thank you for being ready as a backup!

ADDITIONAL IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Everyone is required to be signed in and working by the start time. There will also be a sign out sheet to sign at the end of each shift.

Please remember, only parents/guardians or high school students can work. Do not send another person to work in your place without prior permission.

If you are signing up as an ALTERNATE, please understand that you will not be required to attend unless you are contacted by a board member and told that you are needed to fill a slot.

Chaperone/uniform/bibber/alternate spots for next week’s football game is now open in Charms.  *All volunteers signed up in Charms will receive free admission to the game for themselves only. Two alternate spots have been added. In the event of a cancellation, I will contact the alternate to fill in as needed.  

Please meet at the Hazel Green HS stadium and look for us at our trailer, “Big Blue.”

Here are a few things from the guidelines I’d like to point out:

*We have 4 personal belonging bins that we lock in our trailer. These bins are not for backpacks/bags/clothing but for small purses/wallets/phones.

*Chaperones are not allowed to provide any oral medications to a student. If a student requires any medications they must follow the Madison County Board of Education Medication Policy found on the school web site: mcssk12.org; Departments & Information; Health Services; Medication Policy

*No student is allowed to check out from an event unless pre-approved by Mr. Souder. Students are generally required to travel with band or meet back at school for unloading the trailer. Pre-approval is necessary to ensure a student is checked out 1)by parent/guardian and 2)for valid/excusable reason. Parent/Guardian checking out the student must see the 1VP to sign a “release of liability” waiver before leaving the event.

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