Upcoming Promotional Events

General Info: When selling items, make the checks to BHS Band.  PLEASE make sure there is a phone # and your child’s name and name of fundraiser on memo portion of check.  As always, all fees (including fall, spring, all rental fees and any misc. fees), must be paid before credit is applied to spring trip.

Like:   Cookie Dough Fund./Johnny Smith

It slows down the ordering process when we have to track down the phone #!!

Cookie Dough: All money and order forms will be due no later than Tuesday October 30 after practice.  If you have finished selling, I will be at school this Friday from 3:00-4:00pm to collect money and forms.  Remember, the band as a whole must sell 350 units in order for each student to receive 40% profit per item sold.  We’ve never had issues reaching the goal, so go out and sell, sell, sell!!  Items “should” be in before Thanksgiving.

Havoc Hockey Night: BHS Band will be playing stand tunes and the National Anthem at the Havoc Hockey Game on Friday November 16.   Tickets will go on sale tomorrow night.  This will strictly be an online purchase.  Tickets are $13 each.  If the band as a whole sells minimum100 tickets, each student will receive a donation of $5 per ticket, otherwise it will be $3 per ticket. CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS

This is a VBC themed night where everything in the concession stand revolves around cheese.  So, if you’re wandering why our website is partnered with cheese…. 

I”ve taken a sneak peek at the website and it is easy to use  When you are checking out to pay, just click on your child’s name and it will automatically be logged into the VBC website.  I will receive report once sale has closed. This is the first year the VBC has used this software.  Now, with that being said, I would highly encourage you to keep up with the number of tickets sold. (or at least print two copies of the tickets once they are emailed to you).

Poinsettia Sales:  (This is a note from Stephanie Johnson as posted from Facebook)

The time if finally here!!  You guys have been hearing Mrs Jackson talk about the Poinsettia event. Order forms will go home this Friday. I’m really excited about this event. The plants are from the same nursery that Historical Society used for their mum event (Erin made over $500) and they are good quality plants. Okay, here is the information. Get your customer list together and go sell some poinsettias!!!  

Just in time for the holidays, the BHS band will be selling 2 sizes of poinsettias and 1 option of Christmas themed succulent planter. We will start selling on Oct 26th and continue to sell for 2 weeks, ending Nov 9th. Delivery is set for Nov 16th at Riverton Elementary School gym from 4:30-6pm. The time will be confirmed with the nursery a week prior to delivery and any updates will be passed on to those who sold plants via email, Facebook, and Remind.

This is a pre-sale event. Money will be collected at time of order. Order is placed through Wolf River Valley Growers located in Pall Mall, Tn. Each student participating will have his/her own order form and will turn in orders to Stephanie Johnson on Friday, November 9th for total count and order to be placed on Saturday, November 10th. Students will make between $5-10 per plant sold depending on type of plant. All profits will go directly into the student’s band account for band fees and trip costs. Band fees will be paid first before any money goes toward trip costs.

There are no taxes charged to items sold as the nursery is an agricultural business and therefore is exempt.

I will be heading up this event. I can be contacted at 256-655-6023 (call or text) or via email at [email protected].

See the video of the plants straight from the nursery here:  


A huge “thanks!” to Stephanie for organizing the Poinsettia Event!

Thanks everyone! Happy selling!

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