Stones River Championship Schedule

Hello all – this is a long one.  Please take the time to completely read it.  First are my specifics for next Saturday’s competition – September 22nd, an approximate detailed itinerary and some important details/notes throughout.  Then, below the itinerary are some spectator notes – location, ticket prices, etc.

Because of the required timing of our arrival, preparation, and performance, students will have a late lunch after our performance.  Please bring healthy, energizing snacks and a screw top water/sports drink for the bus ride, after eating a hearty breakfastWe must be sure students are fed & energized, and have to plan around the schedule to be sure they eat well when time is allotted (even if not necessarily hungry at that time – that is important because of the schedule).  Students need to either bring “sack meals” or money for concessions-based late lunch and flexible dinner time (depending on potential Finals performance time).

*All students should be aware of the weather as next weekend approaches.  If you have a band jacket, bring and use it.  Otherwise, after performance(s), we will wear our band shirts.
*Football Band students will follow the same schedule as Competition Band marchers and be involved in the entire process, helping with logistics and involved throughout.  These students will not need to wear uniform and should plan to wear tennis shoes, khaki shorts, and the band shirt.  Competition Band marchers will also wear the band shirt before and after performance(s).
*Sign-ups and some specifics for our MUCH NEEDED EQUIPMENT CREW (15 total) will be posted on CHARMS and sent out by President King today/tomorrow.  Chaperones and Equipment Crew will get in free but will have important responsibilities, going with the band through the schedule, with lots of walking.
7:00 PM – Night before – do you have everything ready for tomorrow?  Go to sleep early!
7:00 AM – Wake up, shower/deodorize, dress as instructed, eat hearty breakfast, double check your things, be on time!
8:00 – Call time for attendance, trailer load, and day debriefing
8:45 – Load buses!
9:00 – Depart Buckhorn HS
*eat healthy, energizing snack(s) prior to arrival, have screw top water/sports drink
11:00 – Arrive Siegel HS, Unload & Dress
11:45 – Unofficial “silent” warm-up (logistical discussion & skull sessions)
12:30 – Travel to official warm-Up
12:45 – Warm-Up (Area B)
1:15 – Depart warm-up, travel to gate
1:25 – At Gate
1:30 – Buckhorn High School Marching Band puts on an incredible show!
1:45 – Return to trailer
2:00 – Load, change, return to stadium to eat and observe bands
4:00 – Prelim Awards Ceremony (band sits together in assigned area)
*IF our band is chosen as one of the top 10 to make Finals, we will unload, dress, and perform again.  The order of Finals performance is by random drawing by directors on the field.  Please see the attached schedule for Finals performances between 6:00 and 8:30. (BHSMB made Finals last year.)
*IF our band is not chosen for Finals performance, we will stay at the event for highly beneficial observations and discussion.  Seeing other bands’ processes and performances is a very enjoyable and educational experience for students and staff and a big part of the reason we go.
6:00-8:30 (15 minute increments) – Finals Performances
*If we perform again and depending on when that performance time ends up being, we will change and load if there is time.  Students will also be instructed on when is best to eat again, around possible performance prep, etc.  If we don’t perform, students will be able to eat in groups, and stay in assigned seated section to observe Finals bands.
9:15 – Finals Awards Ceremony
10:00 – Load, change if haven’t already
10:30-10:45 – Depart for home
*Traffic leaving these events is typically very slow
12:45-1:00 – Approximate arrival at Buckhorn
*Remind text will be sent for ETA
*Unload and handle obligations and all students dismissed
Contest Location –  The Stones River Championship will be held in Ken Nolan Stadium on the campus of Siegel High School located at 3300 Siegel Road, Murfreesboro, TN 37129.
Spectator Info – Tickets will be available at each of the 3 gates leading into Ken Nolan Stadium. Prices are $15 ($16 if paying with credit card) with children 10 and under getting in for free. Contest programs will be available for $2 each. Credit/debit cards will be accepted at a designated gate.
Contest apparel – Official contest t-shirts and apparel are available for purchase at the event. Prices for contest apparel starts at $18 and all items are fully customizable.
Rain Plan – In the event of rain or any other kind of inclement weather, the contest administrators will make one of 2 calls depending on the length and severity of the weather. Option A will be a weather delay, in which bands would be allowed into the school or back to their buses until the contest is allowed to resume. Option B will move the contest indoors for the remainder of the day. Warm-up areas would be transferred to the auxiliary gym and/or cafeteria and the main contest will be held in the Main Gym. The contest would convert to a “Music Only” format with all qualified judges still providing voice recorded feedback. We ask for all bands, directors, and spectators to be patient with us as we work to still make the contest successful. In the event of inclement weather after Preliminary competition, the Contest Directors reserve the right to cancel the Finals performances and hand out awards based on Preliminary scores.

Jacob Souder

Director of Bands
Buckhorn High School
256-851-3300 X 21142