Snap Raise is Coming!

In a little over 3 weeks, we will kicking off our Fall 2019 Snap Raise campaign. This is an online donation campaign where your student will be asked to list 20 emails (please no teachers or peers).   Some suggestions are your doctors office, dentist, mom and dad co-workers, neighbors, etc.   So if you have family that lives across the country, this is an amazing opportunity for them to be able to contribute or donate to your child’s band account.  

Snap Raise is a safe and protected program, approved by Madison County Board of Education. There are no products to sell.  The rep will give the band students strategies on how to elicit donations, such as it’s tax deductible!! (Of which it also comes with a personalized “thank you” note from the student). For your convenience, click here for a document that will help you organize your emails as you collect them.  If possible, try to post this on the fridge, or some where is visible to remind you to ask for emails daily.

The students will receive 70% of donations made.  Snap Raise will receive 30% since they are the platform we are using and are allowing us to use their company/online site.

Our rep, Taylor Stephens is very nice and approachable. He will be able to answer any questions you may have.  He will be meeting with the students on Monday 11/13/19 at 2:00 p.m. to kick off our campaign.  If you have specific questions that I’m not able to answer, I will pass along to him and he will contact you.

As stated earlier on FB, this will be one of the EASIEST ways to support the band we will have.  We just need 20 emails from each student to be brought to class on 11/13.  They will enter them in the system during class that day.

Reminder emails out again two more times before the meeting on 11/13.

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