Sheet Sale Fundraiser

Now, it's time to change gears & start selling sheets! This time we are doing everything online, so you'll need to promote, promote, promote! Purchasers have the option to ship directly to their home or to have it shipped to Buckhorn. If they choose option 1, there will be a shipping charge. Option 2 will waive the shipping charge & I will distribute them to you when they arrive. I have attached a sellers flyer that you can print out if you'd like (see link below). You can then distribute them around your neighborhood (remember social distancing), church, parents' place of work, businesses that will allow you to hang them up, etc. There is a place for you to put your name so that you'll receive credit for the orders. If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]. Now, go SELL, SELL, SELL!!

CoZzzy Comfy Sellers Flyer

CoZzzy Comfy Image