The 2019 Marching Band fee installment schedule is as follows:


1)  Due by May 25th

            • $100 "Registration Fee"
            • $50 band camp fee
            • $50 new pants/bibbers fee
              {needed for new incoming students and students who need new bibbers}
              Color Guard does not need to pay the bibber fee
2)  Due by July 31st
            •  The 1st half marching band fee of $250 winds/percussion
            • $150 color guard

If payment is made after August 1st, the fee becomes $300 for winds/percussion; $180 for color guard. 

3)  Due by September 30th
            • The 2nd half marching band fee of $250 winds/percussion
            • $150 color guard
If payment made after October 1st, the fee becomes $300 winds/percussion; $180 color guard. 


Spring Fee – $150.00

Spring Band Fee for Winter Guard - $100 (+ Winter Guard extracurricular expenses)

Instrument Rental Fee (per semester) - $80

Payments can be submitted in the box on Mr. Souder's office door or mailed to the school at:

ATTN: Jacob Souder
Buckhorn High School
4123 Winchester Road
New Market, AL 35761

When writing a check use blue or black ink, please make sure to include your phone number on the check and in the memo section please include your student’s name and what the check is for, i.e., band fees, instrument rental,etc.

When are fees due?


$50.00 is due on the first day of band camp.


$100.00 is due by June 30, 2018

$100.00 is due by July 31, 2018

$100.00 is due by August 31, 2018

$100.00 is due by September 30, 2018

$100.00 is due by October 31, 2018


$150.00 is due by April 1, 2019

If there is a monetary credit in your students’ Charms account, upon your request to the treasurer, it can be applied to the fee that is due. In the event that a fee is not paid by the specified due date and no communication has been made with the Director regarding arrangements for the payment a 10% late fee will be charged for that month and each month that it is not paid for the payment season of June through October. The Spring fee will incur its own 10% late fee if it is not paid by the due date. The band program cannot operate and cannot provide a standard of excellence in music education and opportunity without payment of the required fees.

Support Opportunities:

Concessions – Varsity Game...........................................$50

Concessions / Stadium Cleanup - Varsity .......................$25

Concessions & Stadium Clean up JV/9th Grade ............$50

Concessions & Stadium Clean up 9th Grade ..................$25

Pulling a trailer (games, competitions, concerts) All mileage is round trip

within 90 road miles..............................................$50

more than 90 but less than 180 miles...................$100

more than 180 but less than 270 miles.................$150

more than 270 but less than 360 miles.................$200

Donation Raising Sales Amount earned is dependent upon student sales

Potential Donation opportunities
While some of these opportunities are limited to what is available, BHS band students receive 100% of their profits from student donation-raising opportunities. These profits are credited to your student’s charms account and may be applied to any band fee, band trip or it may be applied to the next years’ fall fee. These credits will transfer to the next school year but are not refundable to you or your student if your student transfers out of the band program or graduates. In this case, it goes into the general band fund. Examples of student donation raising opportunities are:

Airport Breakfast – EAA Breakfast

Apparel Sale

Cookie Dough

Booster-sponsored event ticket pre-sales

It is BHS Band policy that any student that has not met the required $200.00 (due in summer) will not be issued a band uniform and any student that has not paid the monetary balance of any outstanding fees may not be eligible to enroll in a subsequent year of band.

We look forward to your student’s and your participation in the coming year. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact a board member. We encourage you to visit our website @ for notices, forms, by-laws, update and contact information.

Collaborative authorship by the BHS Band Booster Board & Director, Jacob Souder

Buckhorn High School
4123 Winchester Road
New Market, AL 35761
256-379-2123 ext. 2127
[email protected]