October and November Events

Attention parents – below are some important details and upcoming dates to mark on your calendar.  This is a long one which includes several performances coming up over the next 2 months.

Next Tuesday, October 2nd:

Yesterday I spoke with all of our students about the testing schedule / E-Learning Day next Tuesday, October 2nd.  It is important that our band have rehearsal that day considering that we are losing important rehearsal time this week (today/tomorrow) to rain and the week after Fall break will be riddled with Homecoming festivities (leading up to our next competition).  10th & 12th graders are testing and 9th & 11th graders will have E-Learning assignments.  Mr. Carroll (Assistant Principal / Athletic Director) has informed me that band and athletics may have practice right after testing and lunch being served (some students at 1, others at 1:30 depending on how many students are present at school for lunch).  In speaking with the band yesterday, we decided that we would have rehearsal after testing.  Rehearsal will conclude at 5:00, instead of 5:30 since we will be getting an extra 30 minutes to get going.

*If your student does not have a ride to get to school by 1:00, they will need to come to school as normal and can work on their E-Learning assignments here.  If your student needs a ride home because of the earlier release – 5:00 – please let me know and we’ll get them taken care of.

*For 10th & 12th graders – absence from school after testing will count against them on the exam exemption policy.  9th & 11th will not be penalized on the exemption policy for missing in the morning or for coming to band in the afternoon.

Thursday, October 18 – Community Pep Rally:

The annual Homecoming Community Pep Rally on the Band/Soccer field is always Thursday evening before the Homecoming game.  Our band gets to perform the show for the community and other school groups in attendance and there are other performances with lots of other school groups set up all across the field.  It’s a great tradition that brings together the community for a couple of hours.  

We will have after school rehearsal as usual, until 5:30.  At the conclusion of rehearsal, we will have dinner.  Boosters will grill hamburgers and hotdogs, etc. – information about volunteers needed for this will be sent out soon.  The event itself kicks off at 6:30, at which time students will need to be set up for the pep rally to begin.  It typically lasts no more than an hour and a half, maybe shorter, but I expect students to be free to go by 8:00.

Friday, October 19 – Homecoming Game & Performance:

Traditionally, the Homecoming festivities are done during half time at the Homecoming game, after the visiting band is invited to perform during their time.  This means that the home band performs their show after the game.  This will take approximately 30 minutes after the game ends, and is a time that we invite our football team to stay or come back out to see.  This performance is also important as it will be our last run-through prior to the next competition.

Saturday, October 20 – Jacksonville State University Contest of Champions:

Our next competition will be at JSU on Saturday, October 20th.  Like other contests, this will be a full day engagement.  Specifics about the itinerary will be shared the week before or early the week of but it will be likely be similar to the last contest.  This is not a prelims/finals contest so we will perform once but the schedule of bands may be longer and our students will get to see the JSU Marching Southerners perform.  (We have lots of Buckhorn Band graduates in the JSU band!)  I highly encourage parents to attend this competition, especially if you’ve not been before.  Our show is evolving and greatly improving even in just one day yesterday!  

Saturday, October 27 – Marching Competition TBD:

I am still working on finding a suitable contest venue for our last contest date, as I’ve run in to issues with contest coordinators not accommodating ACT testing which we’ve not had issues with in the past.  

Thursday, November 8th:

Select students will perform for Riverton Elementary School’s Veteran’s Day Program during 1st and part of 2nd block this day.  Will be excused and select students will be able to accept the opportunity if they can afford to miss class.

Friday, November 9th:

Buckhorn High School’s Veteran’s Day Program will be in the Gold Gym.  We invite all of our parents to attend, especially our band parents and relatives who are active or veteran military.  The band, choir, ROTC, and dance team will all perform.  This is a very special event.  It will take place during 1st and 2nd block.

Monday, November 12:

The Huntsville Veterans Day Parade in Downtown Huntsville will be on this day (no school).  We will take buses and march in the parade, as well as stop and perform our special piece (Battle Hymn Chorale) at the Veterans Memorial in front of the media stand.  Details about the schedule will come as the event approaches.

Friday, November 16:

Huntsville Havoc Game Performance.  This event is an easy and fun performance for our students and will constitute another fundraising opportunity as tickets will be made available for you to sell and you will get up to $5 back on each ticket sold.  We will perform in front of the arena during pre-game, then enter and perform the National Anthem for the event, and then perform in the stands between periods.  More details about this event will be disseminated as the event approaches.

Our Winter Concert has not been scheduled yet as I determine whether we will be able to use a Huntsville City School’s auditorium venue or a school gym.  And I aim to avoid conflicts with Buckhorn Middle, Riverton Intermediate, and New Market Schools’ Band and Choir concerts and athletic events, when possible.

Jacob Souder

Director of Bands

Buckhorn High School

256-851-3300 X 21142