Note for the Booster President

We had a good February general booster association meeting.  You can see the details in the meeting minutes that our Secretary circulated, but here are the highlights:

·       We discussed the board’s selection of a new vendor for fertilizer and weed control for our practice field.  As was the case this year, the band will share the costs for field maintenance 50/50 with Soccer.

·       The board is pursuing new bids for practice field mowing, again sharing costs with Soccer.

·       We had an update on logistics, cost & planning for the annual Spring Banquet.

·       A 2018/19 booster board nominations committee was assembled.  You should be receiving calls and emails regarding your ability to participate as a booster board member or nominate fellow parents that you believe would be interested in the position(s). 

I’d like to ask that each of you parent/booster members please consider either stepping forward or accepting a nomination for our 2018-19 Booster Board.  If you have some exposure to the roles, or an interest but are looking for more information regarding duties and commitments, I would like to speak with you in person.  As we discussed at the Feb booster meeting, the board understands the challenges with commitments to these duties and we’re looking at small changes that might open up participation to more parents. 

*** WE NEED YOU ***

Some band parents may think the band program “runs itself.”  It doesn’t.  It takes a small army of booster board members and volunteers.   As an example, one of our most important revenue generators is our football concessions operation.  With the income from concessions we provide general fund income to the band, as well as a source of income for parents and student to substantially decrease their fees.  If our association cannot run concessions, we lose all that and that means ALL of us would see our student’s fall fees go up by $125+ each.  So please consider stepping forward for any of the booster roles that make this happen from Treasurer to Concessions (2nd) VP positions. Bottom line: if you think you might be interested or want to serve in some capacity, please let me know.

 Also please make a note on your calendars for the upcoming General Booster Association meetings. We typically hold an internal Board meeting the first week of the month, followed by General Association meeting the following week.

 *** General Band Booster Association Meetings Dates & Notes ***

March 13th, 6:30pm bandroom –  updates from board election nomination committee

April 10th, 6:30pm bandroom – election/voting for new board members

Thanks you and look forward to seeing you at our Band Booster Association meetings!


Gordon King

BHS Band Booster Association President

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