JSU Contest of Champions

*Football Band students will follow the same schedule as Competition Band marchers and be involved in the entire process, helping with logistics and involved throughout.  These students will not need to wear the uniform and should plan to wear tennis shoes, khaki shorts, and the band shirt.  Competition Band marchers will also wear the band shirt before and after performance(s).

*Sign-ups and some specifics for our MUCH NEEDED EQUIPMENT CREW (15 total) will be posted on CHARMS and sent out by President King soon.  Chaperones and Equipment Crew will get in free but will have important responsibilities, going with the band through the schedule, with lots of walking.

*This contest comes at the end of Homecoming week (events referred to in last week’s email) with the Community Pep Rally Thursday evening, the Homecoming game Friday night (with post game performance) and the Saturday contest schedule starts an hour earlier than the last competition because it’s further away.  It will be very important that students don’t stay up late from the beginning of the week, drink lots of water and wash their hands frequently to help them stay rested and healthy.  In my experience, teenagers are very resilient as long as they take care of themselves and prepare ahead of time.  I wish I could borrow some of their energy sometimes.  I will talk to them about this but please remind them how important this will be, starting the weekend at the end of Fall break.*


Wednesday or Thursday night – get everything together that you will need Saturday morning because you won’t want to do it Friday night.

6:00 AM (or earlier, as needed) – Wake up, shower/deodorize, dress as instructed, eat something good but lunch will be early, double check your things, be on time!

6:45 – Call time for attendance, trailer load, and a quick debriefing

7:15 – Load buses!

7:30 – Depart Buckhorn HS

10:00 – Arrive at JSU

10:15 – Eat early “lunch” at JSU Dining Hall

11:15 – Unload & Dress

12:00 – Physical warm-up (logistical discussion & skull sessions)

12:45 – Travel to official warm-Up

1:00 – Official Warm-Up

1:45 – Depart warm-up, travel to gate

1:55 – At Gate

2:00 – Buckhorn High School Marching Band puts on their best show ever!

2:20 – Return to trailer

2:30 – Load & Change

3:30 – “Dinner” at JSU Dining Hall + decompression time

5:15 – Head back stadium to observe other bands

5:45 – Bands resume competition performances after dinner break (see main schedule link)

*students may visit concessions/vendors in groups during this stretch…

8:30 – JSU Marching Southerners perform (7 Buckhorn Band grads perform with JSU – you won’t want to miss this!)

9:00 – Awards Ceremony

~10:00 – Depart for home (we encourage healthy snacks and screw top drink for ride home)

*Traffic leaving these events is typically very slow

~12:45-1:00 – Approximate arrival at Buckhorn

*Remind text will be sent for ETA

*Unload and handle obligations and all students dismissed


General admission is listed on the “Home” page of the site, with a full schedule of competing bands.  Links to specific competition information like parking, official competition rules, and how “classifications” are grouped are at the top (as well as adjudicator information).