Hazel Green Game and First Competition

Greetings BHS Band Parents – please read the following information about tomorrow’s home performance and some notes on our first competition.  Sorry this one is a bit long.

Tomorrow, Friday, September 7 is another Home game, just like last week.  (Next Friday will be an away game, traveling on buses to Albertville, leaving school early.)  We are hosting Hazel Green (Buckhorn’s long time rival) in the “Cotton Classic” so it is sure to be a big game with lots of excitement on the field and in the stands.  Hazel Green’s band is known to put on exciting shows and make a lot of noise in the stands.  I invite you to come be a part of the fun and see what incredible work our students have done with our show production since the Parent Preview.  Did you know our band got a standing ovation, including the student section!?  We are planning on being in uniform for the first time which will give the show an entire new look, except our Color Guard costumes have not arrived yet.  Color Guard will wear khaki shorts and band shirts.  (Exciting closer flags are on the way too!)
With that said, all winds and percussion MUST HAVE their PLAIN white or light gray shorts (no logos or stripes, etc.), tall white socks, and their band shirt to wear under their uniform.  Anyone with long hair MUST be prepared to put their hair up high so as to fit in to the shako (hat) and abide by the other specifics outlined in the handbook.  Call time is 5:00 in the band room changing (i.e. horn polishing, eating, homework, etc. must be done by 5).
Please be sure your student has written their initials CLEARLY inside their marching shoes – these get mixed up more than anything and this simple thing saves us a lot of frustrating time.  All students must also have a clean pair of our white cotton gloves which I have for sale ($3) before school and during break.  Don’t forget instruments must be polished up between today and tomorrow.

Our first competition of the year is quickly approaching – two weeks from this coming Saturday – September 22nd, at Siegel High School near Murfreesboro, TN (The Stones River Championship sponsored by MTSBOA).  Parents – I highly encourage you all to attend our competitions – come see what all is really involved!  Marching Competitions are the highlight of our students’ marching band experience and are highly educational as our students get to see other programs and receive valuable feedback on individual and group performance.  This year, we are competing down a class based on our competitive band size so it’ll be interesting to see how we stack up.  Our Football Band members will be involved, wearing khaki shorts and band shirts, helping with logistics as all of our equipment typically has to be moved long distances and assisting with other logistical needs.
As you may know, most competitions rank bands within their size classification and are judged on a single performance.  The SRC is a Prelims/Finals contest in which the top 10 bands get to perform a second time.  In our first appearance last year, we were fortunate enough to make Finals.  In Prelims, 1st and 2nd place bands will be announced for each classification and “caption” awards will be awarded per class (music, visual, general effect, guard, and percussion).  In Finals, there will be an overall ranking of the top 10 bands as well as the other caption awards, regardless of class.  There is no class separation in Finals except for the Small Division and Large Division award.  Click here to see this brochure for the details. 
More specific information about the day’s schedule and event details will come late next week or early the week of the event.  However, please plan on an early morning call time, lunch plans, dinner plans, and a late night return.  We will of course travel together by bus.  Attached is a full schedule for your reference.  Again, specifics will come soon.
Our students really hope to see their parents at performances soon!
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