Football Game @ Wetumpka

We will be taking 56 passenger charter buses for this trip as it is a school night and Mr. Markham offered to donate some travel funds to offset the extra cost to us.  We appreciate Capital Trailways for giving us a fantastic price for 3 charter buses.  Band, Football, Cheer, & Dance students are currently not excused from school Friday morning.

When we arrive to JSU, we will immediately head to Jack Hopper Dining Hall for dinner.  The cost is $10 flat (no tax).  Instead of pre-collecting like last year, students need to have $10 CASH in hand to get through the line quickly.  Anyone without cash will have to come in last and use a card.  Please have $10 cash.
Please only bring your own food if you have dietary/allergy restrictions and let me know immediately so we can inform JSU dining staff who will be entering with their own food.
This is a buffet style dining hall including main entrees (vary day-to-day), veggies, salad bar, pizza, burgers, fountain drinks, and a dessert bar.  While it is a buffet, we will encourage students to eat smart and healthy because we will be performing pre-game (we are the home team) shortly after.
Parents are of course welcome to join us at the same cost but we ask that the students get in first.
Students must bring everything they need Thursday morning for dressing in uniform/costume.  We will change in to “under uniform” attire including blue band shirt, prior to departure.  Color Guard will be able to fully dress at JSU.
12:30 – students out of class, change if needed, load trailer
*3rd lunch students – be sure you get your uniform & instrument/equipment ready in the morning so you can go to lunch (12:37-1:04) then come load quickly.
1:15 – load buses (new bus assignments will be posted)
1:30 – depart for JSU
4:00 – arrive at JSU
4:15 – dinner
5:00 – start heading back to trailer in groups upon finishing dinner
5:15 – unload and dress
6:00 – warm-ups
6:30 – enter field for pre-game performance
7:00 – kick-off
10:00 – approximate game end
11:00 – approximate JSU departure
*no stops on way home – students must use bathroom before leaving
*will receive another water and snack bag
1:30 – approximate arrival at BHS
2:00 – approximate release/pick-up time after trailer unloaded
This will be a very fun trip for our students and will be another great effort by the team to secure another win (currently 3-1).  Students will of course be very tired that night and will need to get home and in the bed as soon as they can.
I will send a Remind Text when we head for home and when we’re close to arrival.
PARENTS with students who don’t drive – PLEASE ensure your student has a safe ride home and can get in the house!
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