Collective Bracelets Benefeting Indoor Percussion

Leah Farris, the Pit Instructor, has so graciously volunteered to donate 15% of her commissions of the sale to the BHS Indoor Percussion program.  The sale is live now and will end December 15, just in time for Christmas.  These bracelets are unique and are specifically designed by Leah.

There is a picture of the bracelets on the BHS Band FB page.

You can also go online and specifically design your own jewelry pieces.  Once the order is placed it normally ships in 3-5 days.

There is more specific info on the link below:

Main Shopping Link:


Navy Silicone Band with Buck – $28

Navy Silicone Band with Buck, Letters B C K S – $43.20

Red Keychain with Letters T D E, Football – $48.00

Black Keychain with Letters W D E, Football – $48.00

Red Leather Band with Football, Engravable (Roll), Engravable (Tide) – $55

Navy Silicone Band with Tiger Paw, (2) Orange Bars, (2) Navy Blue Bars – $46


  • Prices listed with each individual link (and on the picture) INCLUDES the “New Customer $10 off”. The website will confirm the $10 off by verifying your email address.
  • Tax is added at checkout and shipping is a flat rate of $5.95
  • All items ship directly to you. Items are processed and shipped in 3-5 business days.
  • PLEASE feel free to shop the main link as well to see what other items are available.
  • Selecting a specific designs link will automatically add all items of that design to the shopping cart. You can add or delete items, as necessary.
  • Leah Farris will be donating 15% of commissions towards the BHS Indoor Percussion group.