“The American Dream” – 2015 Marching Show

Music for the 2015 Marching show, “The American Dream” in four movements.

Movement I – The Promise of Living

Please use a metronome to practice (this year, the first movement begins slow (100 bpm) and then gets even slower at the first impact point), check out the key first, watch for accidentals, and follow dynamics in your memorization of notes and rhythms.  Don’t worry too much about interpretation – that’s what we’ll do at camp.  But if everyone has notes and rhythms memorized, imagine how easy it’ll be to put things together at camp!

Full Score ♦ Tuba ♦ Trumpet 1 ♦ Trumpet 2,3 ♦ Trombone 1 ♦ Trombone 2  ♦ Tenor Saxophone ♦ Piccolo ♦ Horn in F ♦ Flute ♦ Clarinet 1 ♦ Clarinet 2 ♦ Bass Clarinet in Bb ♦ Baritone ♦ Baritone Saxophone ♦ Alto Saxophone

MP3 Music:  Movement I – The Promise of Living

Movement II – American Salute

Again, check tempo and use a met.  Learn rhythms slowly first.  If it seems hard to you, don’t worry, you’ll get it in no time (listen to the recording and break it down).  If it seems easy, good for you – memorize every detail so you can help others and don’t forget you’ll be marching while playing this.

Full ScoreAlto SaxophoneBaritoneBaritone SaxophoneBass Clarinet in BbHorn in FFluteClarinet 1Clarinet 2Oboe PiccoloTenor SaxophoneTimpani – HardTrombone 1Trombone 2Trumpet 1Trumpet 2,3Tuba

MP3 Music:  Movement II American Salute with front July 4th

Movement III – Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

This whole movement is in swing time – Every 8th note rhythm is swung.  So do not subdivide 1&2&…, but rather like triplets without the middle note of the triplet = trip, let ; almost like 1…uh2…uh3…  Again, just listen to recordings and follow the feel of swing.  Parts may look tricky at first but it’s just muscle memory.  Start so slow you can’t mess it up and then work it up to speed.  Don’t forget to refer to Cadets 2002 show (our arrangement is pretty much note for note) – YouTube video

TRUMPETS!!!  Listen to the soli intro part closely- which notes are staccato (hint – the first downbeat note is!)

Full Score ♦ Tuba ♦ Trumpet Feature ♦ Trumpet 2,3 ♦ Trumpet 1 ♦ Horn in F ♦ Piccolo ♦ Trombone 1 ♦ Trombone 2 ♦ Flute ♦ Clarinet 1 ♦ Clarinet 2 ♦ Bass Clarinet in Bb ♦ Baritone ♦ Baritone Saxophone ♦ Alto Saxophone ♦ Tenor Saxophone

Movement IV – Variations of America

Full Score ♦ Tuba ♦ Trumpet 1Trumpet 2,3 ♦ Trombone 1 ♦ Trombone 2FluteHorn in FPiccoloTenor SaxophoneClarinet 1 ♦ Clarinet 2 ♦ Bass Clarinet in BbBaritone SaxophoneBaritoneAlto Saxophone

MP3 Music:  Movement IV – Variations of America


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