2016 Production “Mad World”

Music for the 2016 Marching show, “Mad World” in four movements.

Movement I – 


Be sure you use a metronome to practice (the entire opener is eventually going to be 132 bpm but don’t try that tempo right away.  You need to START at 72 bpm, learn to play it RIGHT and then click your meteonome up 8-10 bpm at a time working your way EVENTUALLY up to 132. If you don’t have a metronome, just type “online metronome” in to Google and you’ll have one). Be aware that the music is in 6/8 time which is basically 2/4 with a triplet on each beat (Six 8th notes counted as “triplet, triplet” or “1&a, 2&a”). An mP3 is provided below so you can hear how it is to be played. Be aware that the keyboards who come in first after the drumline lead in at the beginning, are coming in at measure 5. It’s probably best to start counting from measure 5 when they come in.

It is VERY important that you listen to it first while reading your part and then as you begin to work it out, work it out SLOWLY to get your fingers working right. Obviously, it’s going to need to be played “fast” eventually but we will get there as a band. YOUR focus should simply be getting the notes and rhythms down. There are some pretty tricky rhythms in there so listen to the recording to help you feel them right.

FRESHMEN, IF your instrument’s part is split, you should start by learning the 2nd part or 3rd – if applicable to your instrument.

VETERANS, you should be smart about the part you print off based on what part you played this past Spring.

Specific splits will be decided at our first rehearsals.

Have fun practicing and spend time holding your horn up, standing while practicing!

Flute ♦ Clarinet 1 ♦ Clarinet 2 Bass Clarinet ♦ Alto Sax 1 ♦ Alto Sax 2 ♦ Tenor Sax Mellophone 1 ♦ Mellophone 2 ♦ Trumpet 1 ♦ Trumpet 2 ♦ Trumpet 3 Trombone 1 ♦ Trombone 2 ♦ Baritone BC (bass clef) Baritone TC(treble clef) ♦ Tuba ♦ Snare ♦ Tenor ♦ Bass

MP3 Music: Movement 1 with pit (re-mix)

Movement II – 

There is no mP3 for this movement yet – percussion parts are currently being added. You should literally type in to YouTube “Cirque du Soleil – Distorted” to hear the basis for how the music goes. You need to be VERY familiar with this music BY band camp. Start SLOWLY working out all the syncopation correctly (as you hear it in the Cirque du Soleil original).

FIRST TROMBONES (Lauren and Jarryd probably) – measures 33-34 and 37-38 are incorrect and need to be played just the same way they are written every time before this point. 

Let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy working this movement out!

Flute ♦ Clarinet 1 ♦ Clarinet 2 Bass Clarinet ♦ Alto Sax Tenor Sax Mellophone ♦ Trumpet 1 Trumpet 2 ♦ Trombone 1 ♦ Trombone 2 ♦ Baritone ♦ Tuba ♦ Full Score

MP3 Music: Movement II

Movement III

MP3 Music: Movement III

Movement IV

MP3 Music: Movement IV