Important Reminder – Mattress Sale Fundraiser

Time is passing fast for us to promote our Mattress Sale fundraiser – this is by far the easiest fundraiser we’ve ever tried.  We don’t have to do anything except get the word out and talk it up, finding people who need or want a mattress.  Attached is the flyer people should bring to the sale, with your student’s name on it – plus they can also show the picture of it on their phone and just give the student’s name – it’s that easy!  

Please join the Facebook Event (link below) and share it with everyone you can – when you join, you will then get notification of shared promotions (I’ve shared a couple of them on our FB page).

Remember, band students earns at least $25 toward every referral sale.  If 5 people buy a mattress, 5 sales will earn him/her $200!   Plus, every sale helps the band even more!

Here is a letter from Mr. Colwell with a reminder of the details:

Buckhorn Band Parents,

Our Mattress Fundraiser Sale is Saturday, February 11, from 10am to 5pm in the high school cafeteria.   We need your help over the next few weeks to get the word out in the community.   Here’s how your can help our band and your band member.

1.   Help find people who need a mattress set and get them to commit to come by our sale on Saturday, February 11.   Most of our sales will come from the efforts of parents and band members to find people who need a mattress set and would like to support  your son/daughter and our band program.    Although most of us don’t like fundraising, the reason we like this sale is because it is very easy for everyone…..we just need to find people in our community, who support our program, and who need a mattress set.   It ‘s that simple.    Make phone calls, post on facebook, email your friends, take flyers to work and church, even get the students to go door to door, etc….just tell everyone you know about this sale, find people who need mattresses, and get them to come to our sale.   The company we work with will take care of everything else.   Remember too, they not only have mattresses but also adjustable beds, awesome gel pillows, and bed protectors….and all their prices are 30-50% off retail.

2.  Go to the dedicated Buckhorn Band Mattress Fundraiser facebook event page, “join” the event, and “invite” all your friends, and “share” future posting to help answer any questions about the event.   If we have 100 parents, with 100 friends each, and we all do this, we have just reached 10,000 people!   Please do this right away ….the link and is below.

Remember, your band member earns at least $25 toward every referral sale.  If 5 people buy a mattress/set, 5 sales will earn him/her $200!   Plus, every sale helps our band.

Thanks in advance for your help and support of our band program.

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