I hope everyone had a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday break!  As you know, we will be holding chair/ensemble auditions when students return to school.  Please refer to the below schedule to be able to anticipate when students will be auditioning.  Please remember: auditions will be held during class AND after school, therefore if a student cannot stay after school on their audition day, they must audition during class – the audition constitutes a test grade.  Preparation and effort will determine letter grades.  **EACH STUDENT within a section MUST audition on their assigned day.  If a student does not audition on the assigned day, he/she will have to set up a time to audition later but will automatically be placed last chair.**

This is a hugely important process in which I (and qualified delegates – Mrs. Souder and Mr. Crosby) get to meet one-on-one with each student not only for the purpose of auditioning but to assess their abilities, strengths and weaknesses so as to customize instruction throughout the semester.  It is also an important experience for our students as it teaches them how to deal with the pressure of being judged on what you do in the moment, on the spot.  

NOTE: I have not fully decided if we will indeed have two separate ensemble for MPA this year.  Last year was the first year our program was able to have a Wind Ensemble (top players of each section) and a Symphonic Band.  However, we will not automatically have two separate groups for MPA contingent upon several deciding factors which will be considered throughout and after auditions to be sure our students are set up for success.  We will plan to start our regular Tuesday/Thursday after school rehearsals Thursday, January 12.  ALL students should be prepared to attend after school rehearsals until 5:30.  (Like last year, IF we have a Wind Ensemble, only Wind Ensemble students would attend MOST after school rehearsals – TBD.)   Keep in mind, our students will spend about 6 weeks preparing literature for MPA, shortly followed by Spring Break, then we will “experiment” with new literature while many of our students also prepare for the Universal Studios Sound Studio clinic as part of the Spring Trip (late April), followed by the last few weeks of the semester – our banquet, spring concert, and graduation.

(Of course lots of other exciting things will be going on with our band students throughout the semester, aside from concert band activities, with Indoor Percussion and JV/Varsity Winter Guard competitions, Jazz Band, honor band involvements, clinics, and Buckhorn Band’s first ever Marching Band try-outs.)

I am really looking forward to the auditions and may be able to post section results as we finish each section.  *As is traditional, students will have the opportunity to “challenge” for chair placements during certain weeks throughout the semester.

Thursday, January 5 

Clarinets then Bass Clarinets (with Mr. Souder)

French Horns then Baritones (starting at 3:00 with Mrs. Souder)

Friday, January 6

Bass Guitar then Trumpets (with Mr. Souder)

Trombones then Tubas (starting at 3:00 with Mrs. Souder)

Monday, January 9

Alto saxes then Tenors and Bari Saxes (with Mr. Souder)

Tuesday, January 10

Flutes, then Oboes, Bassoon, and Cellos (with Mr. Souder)

Percussion (with Mr. Dennis Crosby)

Good luck (“where preparation meets opportunity”) to all of our students as they get back in to the swing of school!


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