Veteran’s Day Parade

Monday 11/11 – No School.  The entire marching band is marching in the Huntsville Veterans Parade in downtown Huntsville.  We will take buses from school to make it simple and easy on everyone.  We will be the 5th band (86th entry) out of 8 bands (& 137 entries).  This parade will be televised on WAFF 48 but I encourage you to come out and help make it a great experience for everyone.  We haven’t gotten to do this the last 2 years so I’m very glad our students will get this experience.  My favorite part besides our students performing is the honor of getting to thank & shake the hands of so many active and veteran military.  I’m also working on coordinating stopping to play the Battle Hymn Chorale at the viewing stand.
Veterans Parade Itinerary:
*VERY IMPORTANT THAT EVERYONE EATS BREAKFAST THIS MORNING – like band camp, eat proteins and carbohydrates for maximum energy.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
We will take waters with us so students can keep one with them from unload and while waiting in staging area.
8:30 – Call time to dress in uniform and load Little Blue with battery and big instruments.  Everyone else will carry their own instrument on the bus with them.
9:10 – load buses
9:15 – depart BHS
10:00 – unload and make way to staging area (Woodson and Holmes) – warm-up, run-through, set-up in parade block (drink water and use bathroom)
11:00 – parade kicks off but with 137 entries, it will take quite a while for BHSMB to make it to the viewing/press stand at the Veterans Memorial.
1:00-2:00 – I do not know how long it will take for us to get going from the staging lot and to march the entire route and get back to the buses.  I will send a Remind text when we are finished and headed to BHS.
2:00-3:00 – Again just an estimate – returning to Buckhorn to unload/dress out with quick dismissal.
*Please check remind texts for specific times on day of event.
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