North Alabama Night of Bands

10/24/2020 all-day
Braly Stadium
521 N Royal Ave. Florence
$7 for adults, $3 for students. Military and children under 12 get in free

**Any students who are scheduled to take the ACT test that morning need to let me know by the end of this week.  Those students will be excused from the morning rehearsal but need to coordinate/communicate call time/departure on the day.
Here is the tentative itinerary and event details including ATTIRE requirements:

The event itself will schedule a maximum of 12 bands 5 -8 PM followed by a special exhibition performance by the UNA Marching Band!  We do not yet know what specific time our band will perform but we will be attending to see all bands regardless of our performance time.  It will be highly educational and enjoyable!
Admission is $7 for adults, $3 for students.  Military and children under 12 get in free.
Our performing students & equipment crew will get in free.
There will be two gates to enter where symptoms and temperatures will be checked. We will check our students/staff/volunteers at departure call time, before loading up.
Face coverings and row skipping will be required & sanitizer will be available throughout the stadium.

ATTIRE:  Because we couldn’t use our official uniforms and I have been lenient about specific attire for our football game performances, now that we have this opportunity to have a large-venue final season performance, we need to look as uniform as possible.

The Buckhorn Band has always been known for its class and professionalism.  Visual appearance is a huge part of that!
– All students MUST wear CLEAN (non-hole, non-abrasion) BLUE jeans WITH BELT!
– All students MUST have and wear a CLEAN (non-faded) BAND SHIRT (Come see me one morning if you need a replacement because yours doesn’t fit or is faded.)
– If it is not too cool, we will march in t-shirts.  If it is going to be chilly when we perform, All students MUST have/wear their band jackets if they purchased one.  Those who purchased this year – they are out for delivery, should be here by the end of the week.  Those who don’t/won’t have one need to coordinate having/wearing something very similar like a hoodie or sweatshirt – ONLY NAVY BLUE with limited writing.  Please let me know if you need help finding an item like this!
**Other items like additional jacket, blanket, gloves, beanie can be worn in stands but not to perform.
Tennis shoes should also be clean – avoid wearing bright and distracting designs.
HAIR is part of attire.  Be sure your head/hair looks clean and brushed.  Long-hair students MUST tie their hair up so it is pulled back.

10/24/20 – North Alabama Night of Bands ITINERARY:

9:00 AM – Morning “rehearsal” – long slow warm-up, tuning, final touch-ups & run-throughs
11:00 AM – Debriefing discussion (expectations/instructions) then load trailer (all instruments will be loaded on trailer by section leaders to control traffic through the trailer).
11:30 AM – Dismissed for lunch (if staying on campus, bring lunch and all other needed items)
1:00 PM – Call time on practice field for ALL STUDENTS – roll call, equipment and attire check, be dressed in complete attire (including cold option in hand or on, as explained above) and dinner in-hand.  Think ahead!  BE PREPARED!
1:45 PM – Load buses/cars…
2:00 PM – Depart Buckhorn (CAR RIDERS follow buses but do not get between them!)
*We will be taking 565 to Decatur, Hwy 20 to Muscle Shoals, right on 133 (Wilson Dam Road) to Florence.
3:45 PM – Arrive at Braly Stadium (N Royal Avenue, Florence, AL)
4:00 PM – Eat dinner (bring your own sack/cooler/filling and healthy dinner & drink)
*If we are able to coordinate a safe-serve group meal upon arrival, I will let you know by the end of this week.
5:00 PM – Band performances begin!
8:00 PM – UNA Marching Band blows our minds!
8:30 PM – Event concludes, load trailer (as needed) & receive pre-packaged ride home snack & water
9:00 PM – Depart UNA (contingent on loading and traffic)
10:30-11:00 PM – Return to Buckhorn (those on bus / percussion, tubas, guard unloaders)

*Remind texts will be sent when we leave Florence and when we approach Buckhorn.  Please ensure a ride is waiting at Buckhorn to pick up students upon return.

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