Alabama State Marching Band Championships

11/03/2018 all-day
Muscle Shoals High School
1900 Avalon Ave
Muscle Shoals, AL 35661

BHSMB Schedule:

*Attached is a schedule of the entire day so you can see who else is competing and who is in our 6A class.  Band classification at this contest is based on the school size (pertaining to AHSAA – athletic governing body), not the band size (which is typically based on winds +/- percussion).

11:00 AM – Eat a good healthy lunch and HYDRATE (when the weather cools off, we usually neglect our hydration)

12:00 PM – Call time for trailer load

1:00 – Depart BHS

3:00 – Arrival 

3:15 – Dinner – I am currently working with MSHS Band Parents to coordinate 1 or 2 dinner options ($5 pizza (2 slices) & drink will be at least one).  I will take an initial tally by the end of the week and need to collect $$ Monday.  As always, bringing your own meal is always an option.  If a student doesn’t pay ahead of time, they will not be able to pay on the spot since MSHS Band Parents will be ordering only what we tally.  Therefore, if a student doesn’t pay Monday with me, he/she will need to bring their own meal.  We will eat in their cafeteria.

4:15 – Unload & Dress

5:00 – Physical Warm-Up

5:50 – Official Warm-Up

6:25 – Leave Warm-Up, travel to stadium

6:40 – BHSMB puts on their best performance ever!

7:00 – Return to trailer to change and load

*It will be quite cold after our performance so students need to be prepared to change in to warm clothes for the cold.  If possible, we encourage students to wear Buckhorn blue items.

7:30 – Snack bags and water

8:00 – Travel to stadium to observe final bands / visit shirt vendors, etc.

9:15 – Awards Ceremony (Drum Major only)

~10:15 – Load buses & Depart MSHS for home

~12:30 – 1:00 AM – Arrive at BHS (Remind text ETAs will be sent)

*As always, students will unload and be dismissed after we arrive back at school

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