Huntsville Havoc Game Performance

Huntsville Havoc Game Performance.  This event is an easy and fun performance for our students and will constitute another promotional opportunity as tickets will be made available for you to sell and you will get up to $5 back on each ticket sold.  We will perform in front of the arena during pre-game, then enter and perform the National Anthem for the event, and then perform in the stands between periods.  More details about this event will be disseminated as the event approaches.


Dress code for the game will be BHS Band navy top (I would wear band jacket) or anything navy, jeans and/or navy toboggans.
Call time is in VBC arena lobby between 5:15-5:30pm.  Students please only bring money, lip balm, and instrument.  It is an early call time, but due to VBC security protocols, everyone must enter through security portals which takes a few minutes to process almost 140 students. General public doors open at 5:45pm.  Any student arriving at VBC after 5:45pm will have to enter with general public and risk not playing the National Anthem.
We will be allowed to play stand tunes once we get set up in the stands and once the doors are opened to the general public.    We will be playing until 6:30pm or until pre-game warmups begin. This will be a good time for a restroom break. We will play the National Anthem at 7:00pm.  There will be an optional drum line opportunity to play at the first break.
I know there are some parents that are picking up Poinsettias at RES gym on Friday from 4:30-6:00pm.  We will have the poinsettias set up and will try to expedite the distribution as quickly as possible so you can get your student to the VBC.
If you need help getting your child to the VBC, please start asking for carpool assistance now.  You can also ask on the BHS Band FB page.
***We need about three parent volunteers that don’t mind being late or are not going to the Havoc game on Friday to help with Poinsettia distribution.  It should roughly take 30 minutes. Helpers, please arrive around 4:15-:4:20pm.  Thank you in advance for those that can assist. Just reply back if you can help.
Everyone is free to come and go after playing the National Anthem.  I would encourage you to stay until after first break to enjoy the game and show the Havoc some BHS Band spirit.  Students, you must have a designated driver in place (meaning waiting on you in the parking lot) before you leave the VBC. You are responsible for yourself.  Please remain inside lobby until your ride arrives.
Since there will not be any chaperones assigned to this event, just a friendly reminder to everyone to be on your best behavior and show them what AWESOMENESS looks like!
It’s also “Death By Cheese NIght” in the concession stands.  This means, they will have cheese on just about everything. So bring extra cash and try something new, with cheese. Let me know how it tastes or let me sample! 🙂
There is a $5 fee (cash only) to park in the VBC garage across the street from the arena.  I’m not sure how much parking is in adjacent lots to the VBC.  The garage across from the arena has the easiest access.  
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