Football Game – Madison County (Away)

This will be the first public performance at the Varsity Football Jamboree @ Madison County High School.  This is an in-county performance and so students will need to carpool.  We will load the trailer DURING 4th block band class.

The call time to be AT Madison County High School is 5:00-5:30. 

The reason for the window is because I know, depending on where you live and if the student rides the bus, it can be difficult to get anywhere by 5.  Those who can, should.  However, keep in mind that some schools start taking parking fees by 5:30, so you may have to drop off your student outside of the parking area, if the driver is not staying.   Students need to eat a good dinner before arriving!  We will provide water throughout the game, at away games.  Water coolers will be needed at home games.

*We will not wear uniforms at the Jamboree.  Instead we will wear the band shirts that are currently being distributed, khaki shorts*, and tennis shoes.  We will still load the trailer completely and use the jamboree as practice for how organized we have to be for future away games and competitions when we will have 130+ students changing and unloading at the same time.

*Please note, students need to have a pair of khaki shorts.  There is a wide range of khaki colors from brownish to whiteish available for cheap at WalMart, Target, Amazon.  Please no cargo shorts with the large bulky pockets.  The length of the khaki short must meet school dress codes.  Students with shorts too short will be sent home to change and compromise their grade.  This attire will also be used at the Homecoming Community Pep Rally and possibly other times.*

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