Football Game @ Jemison (Milton Frank)

Next Friday’s football game (October 4) is a 3:00 start time against Jemison.  Just like any other in-county game we will not take buses so students will need to carpool.  If you haven’t already, please coordinate carpooling for your student and let me know if you need assistance in finding a ride.  Arriving by 1 should allow drivers to get in to the parking lot without having to pay – be respectful if they are taking tickets (unlikely) and tell them you are in the band or working for the band.  When entering from the Ivy Avenue (south end) you will want to park on the right side of the stadium.  Big Blue will park over there for easy unload and dress.

11:00 – band students will be excused from class to eat lunch
11:30 – trailer loading
12:30 – depart Buckhorn
1:00 – arrive at Milton Frank Stadium, unload and dress
1:45 – warm-ups

2:30 – enter stadium
3:00 – kick-off
*as is typical, we can only guestimate the ending of the game
~5:30-6:00 – game ends, dress-out, and load
*another game is scheduled to begin at 7, so traffic will be interesting
~6:30-7:00 – depart for Buckhorn
7:00-7:30 – unload and dismissal
7:30-8:00 – dismissal
*I will send out (a) remind text(s) with more accurate times.
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