Football Game – Hazel Green (Home)

The Cotton Classic.

All winds and percussion MUST HAVE their PLAIN white or light gray shorts (no logos or stripes, etc.), tall white socks, and their band shirt to wear under their uniform.  Anyone with long hair MUST be prepared to put their hair up high so as to fit in to the shako (hat) and abide by the other specifics outlined in the handbook.
Call time is 5:00 in the band room changing (i.e. horn polishing, eating, homework, etc. must be done by 5).
Please be sure your student has written their initials CLEARLY inside their marching shoes – these get mixed up more than anything and this simple thing saves us a lot of frustrating time.  All students must also have a clean pair of our white cotton gloves which I have for sale ($3) before school and during break.  Don’t forget instruments must be polished up between today and tomorrow.
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