Concert Band Auditions

The audition is a 200 point test grade.  Students will receive full credit as long as it is clear they prepared and give it their best effort.  We (judges: myself, Mrs. Souder and Dennis) recognize and take in to account that some students get very nervous under audition pressure.  This is natural and is a life lesson in and of itself.  It is a great way to prove how preparation is crucial – when true muscle memory and learned technique must shine through.  I will talk to students about this Monday.
Please remember that all students of the same section must audition on the same day.  Extenuating circumstances will be remedied on a case-by-case basis to preserve fairness and equal opportunity.  Any student who can NOT stay after school on their day of auditioning will need to audition during class time.  No exceptions.  Those students need to speak up and come forward early for auditioning.  If a student waits around, chooses not to audition during school and cannot stay after, they will receive a 200 point test grade zero, but will make still need to perform their audition assessment later.
**Any students who are not sufficiently prepared, or do not perform at the minimum standard (much detail in the attached letter), for auditions and playing tests, will be required to repeat the audition/test at a later date at a time suitable for student and teacher.  These practices/policies are to help students form better practice habits and spread ensemble responsibility more evenly, aside from the basic education of developing better instrumentalists.
Auditions will begin next Tuesday, January 8th.  We will go over some of the handbook, expectations, and class logistics on Monday.  If you are new to concert band, please complete the last page of the syllabus/handbook, and the other applicable forms on the website, and return by your student’s audition date.  Here is the link:
If your student uses a school-owned instrument, including all percussion (whose instruments, sticks, mallets, etc are provided), please submit your $80 instrument rental fee with form as soon as possible.
STUDENTS MUST HAVE THEIR INSTRUMENTS EVERY DAY, even if they are not auditioning – there is a lot to do, always.  INSTRUMENTS MUST BE IN GOOD WORKING CONDITION!  (Including: reed instruments must have 2 additional reeds ready (already broken-in), brass instruments must have ALL valves and slides easily movable, and all instruments should be void of leaks.  The playing quality of the instrument (including the mouthpiece/reed/slides/sticks/mallets) makes a huge difference.  Students should always bring their instrument to me first if they have any problems – I can often fix it.  And finally, we will be having playing tests throughout the semester, in class.  The playing tests will be very brief but may include any scales or short portions of rehearsal material.
Auditions with Mr. Souder and Dennis will begin as quickly as possible during 4th block and continue after school until all students have auditioned.  Auditions with Mrs. Souder will begin around 3:00 and continue after school until all students have auditioned.  (This is why Mrs. Souder is auditioning smaller brass sections, other than being an experienced brass player.)
** No auditions should go beyond 4:30 especially if students are prepared.  Audition results may be posted as we go throughout the week, if possible,but will definitely be posted (on Facebook page and website) by Friday evening.

Tuesday, January 8
Clarinets, Bass Clarinets (Mr. Souder)

Wednesday, January 9
Saxophones, Oboes (Mr. Souder)
Trombones, Tubas (Mrs. Souder)
Thursday, January 10
Percussion (Dennis)
Trumpets (Mr. Souder)
Friday, January 11
Flutes (Mr. Souder)
Horns, Baritones (Mrs. Souder)
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