2018 Production - Tick Tock

Music for the 2018 Marching show, in three movements.

Part I 

For our new students/parents, please keep in mind that marching band music is quite different than sit-down symphonic band music, especially for a program like ours.  The music is custom-written.  The process begins with the wind parts being written first, followed by battery percussion, then front ensemble percussion, written by individuals literally across the country.

It is VERY important that you listen to it first while reading your part and then as you begin to work it out, work it out SLOWLY to get your fingers working right. Obviously, it's going to need to be played "fast" eventually but we will get there as a band. YOUR focus should simply be getting the notes and rhythms down. There are some pretty tricky rhythms in there so listen to the recording to help you feel them right.

The links below contains all individual parts, a complete score (for those interested), and an mP3.  You need to access/print your part and start working on it.  All are welcome to work on 1st part.  Lastly, keep in mind that the mP3 is a computerized rendition of written parts.  It will be very square.  It lacks articulation, style, and dynamic contrast.  And it will sound incredibly different when battery and pit percussion parts are added!  

Please refer to the performance by the Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps (2010) as our inspiration and source for this year's 1st Movement (opener) - https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cFh1r7bTAR 

FRESHMEN,play the 2nd part or bottom part (when applicable) on your music.  

VETERANS, you should be smart about the part you print off based on what part you played this past Spring.

We will set parts on Monday of the 1st day of camps. 

Have fun practicing and spend time holding your horn up, standing while practicing!

Flute ♦ Clarinet in Bb1Clarinet Bb2Horn in FAlto Sax  ♦ Tenor Sax  ♦ Trumpet 1 ♦ Trumpet 2 ♦ Trombone 1 ♦ Trombone 2 ♦ Baritone BC (bass clef) Baritone TC(treble clef) ♦ Tuba ♦  Winds Score

MP3 Music: Part 1 winds

Part 2 - 

Again, we will provide flip folder sized parts at camp.  Please keep in mind that parts will continue to be adjusted or changed as we go - changing a rhythm or note or note grouping here or there to best match the original music.   However, this is the gist of what winds should get started on learning and being very familiar with in terms of notes and rhythms. 

Let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy working this movement out!

Flute ♦ Clarinet in Bb1 ♦ Clarinet in Bb2 ♦ Baritone BC Alto SaxTenor Sax Baritone TC ♦ Trumpet 1 ♦ Trumpet 2 Trumpet Solo ♦ Trombone 1 ♦ Trombone 2 Horn in FTuba

MP3 Music: Closer

Please remember this mP3 is only for assistance with how notes and rhythms fit together.  It is VERY "square" and will sound substantially different as a band particularly when battery and front ensemble percussion parts are added.