Week of Veteran’s Day

1) Veterans Parade Cancellation

2) RES and MtCES field trip for Veterans Assemblies

3) BHS Veterans Assembly info

1) In light of many conflicts arising from the school system’s scheduling of a long weekend around Veterans Day this year, we will NOT be participating in the annual Veterans Day Parade in downtown Huntsville on Saturday, November 11th.  Participating in this event over the last several years has helped me impress upon our youth the important responsibility we have, as American citizens who freely enjoy the liberties afforded to us by our nation’s military service men and women, to recognize and express appreciation to those who have made such great sacrifices, those who paid with their lives, and the families of those who have supported and/or lost a loved one in the cause for freedom.  I wholeheartedly believe it is hugely important to do these things, every chance we have, in order to continually remind us of the cost of our freedoms and to thank those who paid for them.  I hope we’ll be able to go back next year to support such a worthy cause.  November 11, every year.

2) The following students have been selected/volunteered to go to Riverton Elementary School and Mt. Carmel Elementary School this Wednesday, November 8, to perform for their Veterans Assemblies.  (The list has changed a bit since last week.)  We will be taking a bus (Mr. Markham driving) and come back to Buckhorn between the two performances to have lunch.

*The selection of students was based on a combination of factors: 1 or 2 on a part, seniority, and ability to attend based on class obligations.  If you object to your student going, please let me know right away so I can get a replacement approved and update the list for our teachers.

Alexander, Kemani

Armstrong, Gabbie

Bosley, Lauren

Brewer, Mackenzie

Conway, Liam

Craig, Caleb

Dawson, Jeremy

Donald, Jarryd

Drake, Clarissa

Fuller, Kaitlyn

Gonzalez, Jonathan

Johnson, Erin

Jungen, Jordan

Keel, Rob

Kelley, Michael

Koger, Dylan

Kurzban, Michael

Locklear, Shalanda

Long, Emma (senior)

Long, Emma (Sophomore)

Maples, Caleb

Martin, Bailey

Messer, Anna

Naumann, Elsa

Neal, Lauren

Peebles, Arianne

Pemberton, James

Rice, Kennedy

Richey, Logan

Robinson, Dionna

Robinson, Dominic

Shaneyfelt, Kaitlyn

Stiles, Jackson

Walls, Brandon

Warner, Justin

Weldy, Tyler

Wilken, Ciera

Woodard, Lauren

Wooton, Autumn

Yother, Evan

3) The Buckhorn High School Veteran’s Day Assembly for which our entire Symphonic Band will be performing (in concert with the BHS Choir) will start at approximately 10:45 this Thursday, November 9.  There will be a brief ceremony for the Veterans at 10:30-10:45 outside at the BHS Veterans Memorial, with the entrance of the Veterans to the gym at 10:45.  The assembly should end at 11:30.  This is a very special event with several spectacular elements involved including solo performances by Jackson Stiles and Rahim Arunaogun on “Echo Taps” and Collin Richey on bagpipes.  The band and choir combination in particular will be amazing!  We hope to see you there.

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