We need volunteers for Uniform fitting day. Below is a description of each station we will have. Please plan to arrive by 8:15 so we can go over duties. You can sign up in CHARMS or reply to this email.

Thank you for all of your help!

Uniform Fitting and Form Submission Day

1)UPPER CLASSMEN — After check-in, upper classmen will go to the Uniform Room and get their uniform so they can try it on and someone can check to make sure no changes are needed.  If changes are needed, they need to proceed through the fitting process reporting to the necessary stations (i.e. they need the pants hem let out, bigger jacket, etcetera).

FRESHMEN – Freshmen will also receive their Uniform Fitting Sheet at check-in.  As they proceed through the process, they will need to write the number/size of each of their items on this form and turn it in at the end.  

2) BIBBER/PANTS STATION (2 Volunteers)  – (IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT STUDENTS REMEMBER THEIR PANTS NUMBER THROUGH THIS ENTIRE PROCESS AS THEIR PANTS NUMBER WILL BE CALLED ONCE HEMMING HAS BEEN DONE). Ask student what size pants they wear.  Refer to the Pants Conversion Chart for help.  Have them try on the pants and tighten the shoulder strap to appropriate length so there is no sagging in the crotch area.  Student should be able to sit comfortably.  Students are to remain in the bibbers through the process.

3) JACKET STATION (2 Volunteers)– Student should have freedom of movement and have a tailored appearance.  Drumline members should have their harnesses on for fitting of jackets. Have student cross arms in front of chest and stand at attention as if holding their instrument.  Jacket should not appear short in length; the bottom should fall in mid-waist area.  Baldrics should already be on jackets.  The sleeves of the jackets can be adjusted as there are 3 snaps on the inside of the sleeve.  If after trying different snap positions the length is still not correct, they will have to be pinned and sewn by hand.  This will be done at the Pinning Station.

4) SHAKO (HAT) (2 Volunteers) — Female student’s hair should be put up in a bun on top of their head to try on shako.  For fitting of the hair bun, there are strings in the shako to loosen or tighten for proper fit.  It should fit snuggly on head of all students with 2 fingertips width from the bridge of the nose to the inner brim of the shako.  Shako should not move from side to side.  White round shoe strings from Wal-Mart are great replacement strings for the shakos.

5) GAUNTLETS (2 Volunteers) — Gauntlets are only worn by the winds.  Percussion (Both Battery and Pit) will not be wearing gauntlets but rather long wristbands that they will be obtaining.  Gauntlets are wing-shaped on the forearm and sometimes may need to be pinned with a safety pin for performance.

6) PINNING STATIONS FOR HEMMING PANTS (4 Volunteers)– Students should have their band shoes on for this process.  If they don’t have them, there will be spare shoes to use.  They should also be wearing their jackets and/or harnesses at the time of pinning. They need to stand on the platform provided relaxed with their hands at their sides. Uniform pants should be hemmed 2 inches from the sole of the shoe.  

7) IRONING (4 Volunteers)– After a student has had his/her pants pinned, they are to be ironed.

8) SEWING STATION (4 Volunteers)– After ironing, the pants will then be sewn.  The student is then to try the pants on again to assure proper fit and then return to the ironing station for final pressing.

9) CHECK OUT (4 volunteers) – The student should be in full uniform, with shoes on, for a final check of proper fit. Once the uniform gets the okay, students will be taught how to properly hang their uniform and then return the uniform to the uniform closet.

10)SHOE VENDOR — The shoe vendor is located outside of the band room.

    Students are to purchase shoes from the shoe vendor and then may go home.    

    Shoes will be available for pick up at a later date.

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