2017 Production –

Music for the 2017 Marching show, “Run”

Movement I – based on Charles Mingus’ “Children’s Hour of Dream”

If you have not listened to the Blue Devils 1996 opener (posted on FB, early summer) then you will want to listen to it before you interpret the music. Click here to listen  

Notice that the 3/4 section (at the very beginning and each time it comes back) is VERY FAST (200 bpm – use a metronome – free apps on smart phones – but it’s just quarter notes – very staccato and accented).  Then of course notice the next tempo which is quite slow.  Notes and rhythms is all we’re worried about prior to camp – so that’s your priority.  Learn the notes and rhythms so that myself and staff have the ability to teach the finer details of musicality and can do it while moving when camp arrives!  

Flute ♦ Clarinet 1 ♦ Clarinet 2 Alto Sax  ♦ Tenor Sax  ♦ Baritone Sax ♦ Mellophone  ♦ Trumpet 1 ♦ Trumpet 2&3 Trombone 1 Trombone 2 Baritone BC (bass clef) ♦ Baritone TC(treble clef) ♦ Tuba ♦ Snare ♦ Tenor ♦ Bass

Here is the MP3 for the first movement

Movement II – based on Dizzy Gillespie’s “A Night in Tunisia”

If you have not listened to the Blue Devils 1997 Scene 2 (https://bluedevils.org/mediabox/index.php?module=audio&season=1997&tagID=0&assetID=10910), again, you’ll want to check it out so you understand how the music works.  While it is a jazz-based theme, most of the eighth note rhythms will be played “STRAIGHT” as opposed to “SWING” (which you might assume with jazz styles) until we get to the “kick section” after the percussion feature, from 55-71, we will swing there, for sure!  

Flute ♦ Clarinet 1 ♦ Clarinet 2 Alto Sax  ♦ Tenor Sax  ♦ Baritone Sax Mellophone  ♦ Trumpet 1 ♦ Trumpet 2&3Trombone 1 ♦ Trombone 2 Baritone BC (bass clef)  Baritone (trebel clef) Tuba ♦ Snare ♦ Tenor ♦ Bass

Here is  the MP3 for the second movement. (Winds and battery but not Front Ensemble yet)

NOTE: The percussion break REST at 39 is only 10 measures now, NOT 16, so don’t count 16. Instead, count 8 + 2 bars of tempo change (=10), then come in at 55 as written in your music. (That means 55 on your music needs to be changed to 49 – mark it out and change it please.)

Movement III