September Concession Volunteer Slots

It’s time to release the next set of volunteer sign up slots for the staggered schedule.


  • September 2- Varsity game
  • September 3 – Stadium clean up
  • September 12- JV/9th Game
  • September 16-Varsity Game
  • September 17- Stadium Clean up
  • September 23- Homecoming Game
  • September 24- Stadium Clean up

We want to remind everyone to please just sign up one individual initially during this time. There are a few that we have discussed with already having multiple students in the band and yes those with multiple students can sign up two parents/ or two students/ or parent and student since the band fees are assessed for each student. Once the second call/request for additional volunteers goes out, (a week from now) anyone can sign up for multiple games. As many parents have indicated, they are coordinating around work schedules, so some may be available on varying dates of the season. We will try to accommodate those schedules as best we can. Click here to go to CHARMS to sign up.

For the remainder of the varsity season only since the Friday night game start time is later, we are moving the concession report time to 5:00p.m. We hope this will allow for some travel time from work destinations. But this will only be for varsity games!! JV/9th grade concession report time will still remain at 4:00 pm due to their first game beginning at 5:30 pm. The early report time is to set up/prep work stations equipment and food because there are patrons/fans that literally come to the window as soon as they arrive in the stadium. We need everyone here on time as much as possible.                   

Those interested, we have the shut down concession committee designated for anyone who is unable to arrive by report time and is willing to stay through shut down. You may contact us if interested.

Integrity! Tenacity! Artistry!

Melissa Jackson
2nd Vice President

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