Sand Mountain Invitational

Our first competition is finally upon us!  It seemed just yesterday we were at Band Camp learning the bare bones content of the show and trying to convince freshmen how awesome it would become and all that they would learn about themselves and team/family as part of this process.  Now we’re just about ready to show off what we can do!  This week has been all about cleaning and refining and building confidence in the students to be able to do what we know they can.  Below are a few details to be aware of, and a schedule for Saturday.  Please encourage your students to drink water, wash their hands frequently, and to sleep as much as they can – as lots of students are starting to get sick at this time of year.

After the Gadsden trip Friday night, we will leave front ensemble instruments and equipment, battery percussion, and shakos on the trailer.  Wind instruments and uniforms will be unloaded and students will be released quickly after these few things are done when we arrive back at Buckhorn.

Saturday morning, all students need to eat a large and hearty breakfast before call time, and may bring clean and easy snacks in a small bag on the bus if they would like for the ride home.  Looking at the schedule, you’ll see a late lunch stop before we get to Boaz because of our warm-up and performance during typical dinner time.  Students will receive a snack bag courtesy of kind parent donations and Mrs. Connie’s thoughtful orchestration, to take back in to the stadium with them before the awards ceremony begins.

*The schedule is a rough guesstimation of what we can expect, but is subject to change.  We will try to send Remind 101 texts especially throughout the evening to keep parents, who are not in attendance, informed of the results and schedule.

2016 Sand Mountain Invitational Competition Schedule

Saturday, October 1st, 2016 

10:30 AM – Call time: polish instruments, load uniforms and WIND instruments, check, re-check for all equipment and late lunch plans.

11:30 AM – Debriefing meeting, departure prep, schedule discussion

11:45 AM – Load buses

12:00 PM – Depart Buckhorn

2:00-3:00 PM – Late Lunch fill-up (locations TBD)

*Next eat will be post-performance snack bags*

3:15 PM – Arrival at Boaz High School

3:15-4:00 – Slow unload, dress-in

4:00-4:45 – Unofficial and informal warm-up / tuning / stretch / skull sessions

5:00 PM – Official Contest Warm-Up Time

5:45 PM – Depart Warm-Up for Stadium Entrance

6:00 PM – Have an Incredibly Awesome Performance

6:30 PM – Return to Buses / Trailer for Quick load and dress out (put uniforms in bags!)

7:30 PM – Return to Stadium for Awards Ceremony (take snack bag back in with them)

8:00 PM – Awards Ceremony (tentative)

9:00 PM – On the road for home (tentative)

11:00-11:30 – Arrive @ BHS

11:30-12:00 – Unload, Dismissal 

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