Marching Leadership Results


  • Additions to our Leadership Council are certainly possible during camp and throughout the season (as in years past). There are individuals (not on the below list) who have wonderful ideas, potential, and promise who I would like to include in leadership coaching and consulting and will start to talk with soonMembers of leadership may change and will be confirmed separately for Concert Band season.
  • ***The way you react to the opportunity to serve/lead OR to not being chosen will either prove I made the right choice OR further prompt me to call upon you for band leadership/service needs in the future. Maintain class and respect and seek to positively affect people regardless of position/title and regardless of what you think of someone who is being called to serve.
  • ALL members of Leadership Council (including Drum Major and Captains) are subject to removal at any time for 1) lack of fulfillment of duty or 2) attitude/behavior not becoming of a BHS Band student leader.
  • The following selections were made based on the Director’s personal observations ALL YEAR long and with consideration to the thoughts/ideas/plans laid out by students in his/her essays while adhering to the guidelines of the essay prompt itself.

**** Details of student leader responsibilities/duties will be discussed at our first Leadership Council Meeting Thursday, May 18 after school for 30-45 minutes.

LEADERSHIP COUNCIL includes all sections.  All sections are equally involved and important contributors to the health and responsibility of the program at large.  Parentheses denote which section the student is responsible for serving and any other applicable leadership position on Council.

  • Adeline Heeney (Flute; Woodwind Captain)
  • Bailey Martin (Flute)
  • Emma Long (Clarinet)
  • Clarissa Drake (Saxophone)
  • Brandon Walls (Mellophone)
  • Rahim Arunaogun (Drum Major)
  • Anna Messer (Trumpet; Brass Captain)
  • Jarryd Donald (Trombone)
  • Liam Conway (Baritone)
  • Dionna Robinson (Baritone)
  • Rob Keel (Battery; Battery Captain)
  • Kennedy Rice (Front Ensemble; Pit Captain)
  • Zoe Williams (Front Ensemble)
  • Emily O’Connor (Color Guard Captain)
  • Shelby Reavis (Color Guard Captain)


*Other roles may be called for in any section, in the future.

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