New Market Christmas Parade

The Buckhorn High School Marching Band participates in the New Market Christmas Parade (sponsored by the New Market Volunteer Fire Department) every year on the second Saturday of December (next Saturday, December 10th).  The parade starts at 1:00 PM and the students’ call time at New Market School is Noon.  We will not officially meet at Buckhorn before the parade unless a student cannot carry an instrument home Thursday or Friday.  We will also not dress in uniforms, but rather festive holiday attire (santa hats, Christmas sweaters, etc – I challenge the students to maximize the festivity of their attire).  The parade is not very long (link to map below) and as we are typically in the front of the parade, we will come back around the back of the school and finish where we start (in front of New Market School) between 1:30-1:45 at the latest, at which time students will be released.

Students can be dropped off on College Street right in front of New Market School (be sure to turn on Hurricane Road, up to College Street; NOT New Market Road as that will be where the parade is setting up), or you can park along the roads of the parade and have your student walk the short distance to where we will be meeting in front of the parade.  Here’s a link to the New Market Fire Department website with a map of the actual parade route – .

This is always a fun event for the students, parents, and community and an important part of how we support the community.

***ACT test takers: This parade is always on the December ACT test date (each year).  Students who have taken the ACT in previous years have typically been able to make it to the parade depending on the location and release time of their test and if they are not taking the writing portion.  These students will of course be excused if they can’t make it to the parade safely.  I certainly do not expect what C.J. executed last year as he ran and jumped in to the middle of the parade on Powers Street, although it was quite impressive…