Mattress Sale Event

02/10/2018 @ 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Buckhorn High School Cafeteria
4123 Winchester Rd
New Market, AL 35761

Please tell potential buyers that they can purchase with check, card, layaway OR EVEN FINANCING is available this year!  Also important to know that mattresses can be shipped (again, for MUCH less than you’ll pay even locally) TO RELATIVES/FRIENDS in other states!

Referral flyers are the little blue half-sheets that the buyers need to present at the sale with your student’s name on it in order for your student to get $25 credit off of each sale, and for the buyer to get $50 off.  These flyers, yard signs, and information sheets are available in the band room.   Please be sure your student brings these home.  (The band general fund also makes $100 off of each sale which will really help our semi-tractor dream!)

Also, text “buckhorn” to 205-291-0049 for a link to the informative Facebook event page which will have more info added between now and the sale.  Click the link in the text that will be sent back to you, to get to the page, CLICK “GOING”, check out the event page, & share the event with Facebook friends and please share it on your own page.  

We made $7,000 with less than 10% participation last year.  Imagine what we could raise with just 50% participation – and you don’t have to make the sale – just share the info and get them to come to the BHS cafeteria mattress store next Saturday, February 10, 10 AM – 5 PM!

Here is the FACEBOOK EVENT LINK….please share it!