Marching Band Competition October 21

Marching Band Competition October 21

10/21/2017 all-day
Muscle Shoals High School
1900 Avalon Ave
Muscle Shoals, AL 35661

Tennessee Valley Invitational Marching Competition (Muscle Shoals HS)

“Extra” time is built in to our schedules to account for possible traffic issues, potential student illness, and many other issues that can arise from the transport and tedious operation of a program like ours.  I schedule based on my experience, to allow ample time while trying to avoid “down time” at moments when students need to be focused but relaxed.  Too much time results in complacency and not enough results in being frantic – thus the common motto: “Hurry Up and Wait”.  UNA’s performance is before the final two classes compete (because they will also be traveling to perform at the Hoover contest later that evening) so we will arrive a little bit earlier in order to see them and eat dinner during that time.  (If you’ve not seen the UNA POD, you don’t want to miss this opportunity!)
Students need to bring a sack lunch with them to eat after the brief morning plans, before departure, and money to purchase food at the stadium (or bring a small cooler/lunch box for their dinner).  Students will also be provided waters and a snack bag for the ride home.  Like most contests, there should be event shirts for sale.
Tickets for TVIMC can be purchased ahead of time, online.  Here is the link to the 25th annual 2017 TVIMC tickets:
You can find other specific information about parking, tickets, band-o-grams, etc. on the website –
Morning Rehearsal Warm-Up / Run-Throughs (Slow and Easy) – 10:00 AM
EAT LUNCH (Bring sack lunch & drink) – 11:30 AM
Loading Trailer – 12:15 PM
Board buses – 12:50
Depart Buckhorn – 1:00
Arrive – ~2:45-3:00
Enter stadium, EAT DINNER and sit in assigned stands – 3:15 – 4:45
UNA POD Performance – 4:30
Bathrooms / Vendor visits (shirts/videos) – 4:45 – 5:15
Unload Trailer/Change/Set-up – 5:15
Unofficial Warm-Up/Skull-sessions – 6:00
Travel to Warm-Up – 6:30
Official Warm-Up – 6:45
Move to Gate – 7:15

Best Performance of the year! – 7:30 PM

Back to trailer/change/load – 8:00 PM
Water and Snack bags option – 8:15 PM
Back in stands – 8:45 PM

Awards Ceremony – 9:00 PM

Depart MSHS for home – ~10:00 PM
Arrive @ Buckhorn/Unload – ~12:00 AM
Approximate time of release – ~12:30 AM
All of the summer practices/rehearsals, two week intensive band camps, and after school sweat and tears are fixing to come to a close in just two short weeks (+ a bonus extra performance for the last football game).  For our seniors, their high school marching career will be finished and our rookies will now become veteran marching members.  This has been a fantastic 6 month process with 3 months as a full team.  Please encourage your students to finish strong!  We get what we put in – and I sure know a ton of our students (and parents) have gotten a lot out of this season!