Homecoming Concessions and Cleanup

After considerable debate Melanie and I have decided to move the Stadium Cleanup from the usual Saturday morning to Friday night after the game. If we can get 8 people to break into teams for the cleanup while the concessions crew is restocking, inventorying, and cleaning I think we can all get out of there at a reasonable hour. As soon as we are able Melanie and I will join the cleanup efforts. The alternative was to start at 0700 Saturday morning but the band is going to busy preparing for the departure to Murfreesboro.

There are currently 12 open slots in the concession stand for the game Friday night, 4 in the funnel cake tent, 1 inside runner, 5 at the windows, and two at the pizza/wrap station. I am hoping that Homecoming means a larger crowd and a busy night that will help to make money for the band. CLICK HERE FOR CHARMS

Finally, I want to encourage everyone to go to Murfreesboro whether you are functioning as a chaperone or just tagging along to watch especially if you’ve never been to a competition. Competitions are the best way to see your student, their friends, and the band as a whole in their element for a full day and well into the night. I would not be surprised to see bands from a half-dozen States. Be sure to bring a hat, sunscreen, and extra batteries for the camera.