Concession Stand Clean Up Day – Cancelled

The first halftime performance is scheduled for August 25. In order to prepare the concession stand for operations we have scheduled a Clean-Up Day on August 19 at 0800. It is my intent to get finished as efficiently as possible so that everyone can enjoy their Saturday and avoid the heat. We will have mops, brooms, and other cleaning supplies available and I will have a list of tasks that need to be accomplished so that we can get organized quickly.

I will bring a pressure washer for the outside of the building and the sidewalks. If anyone has another washer and hose available it would help to speed the process.

Melanie has loaded information in CHARMS for Game Day signups and Stadium Clean-Up and we will be making the first three games available in the next couple of days. Please only sign up for one game so that everyone has a chance to volunteer. If at any point during the season we get within two or three days of a game and there are empty slots you can volunteer at that time.

We will be sending information out via CHARMS throughout the season. If you need to contact me directly email me at or Melanie at