Competition Dates Announced

This email is to remind everyone about the competition window stipulation which was specified and sent out last year and then reiterated in the “high school band information” PowerPoint back in April/May.  You’ll recall the stipulation was that we would compete on either Saturday before or after Fall Break so families could avoid being absent on those Saturdays if you needed to plan a trip over Fall Break.  Now that available marching competitions have been made known, I’ve been able to determine that our contest dates will be as follows (I am still debating between the available contests on these dates):

-September 30 (Saturday BEFORE Fall Break) 

-October 21

-October 28

Participation at all of our competitions, by all students, is mandatory and counts for two test grades.  The nature of this performance-based, ultimate team-oriented activity is such that missing one student penalizes all of the students.  There is simply no way to make up such a performance.  Of course extenuating circumstances, out of the control of a family, are taken in to account.  Please be sure you have not scheduled anything to conflict with these Saturdays which, again, have been made known for quite some time.  (There is a Thursday game over Fall Break but students will not be penalized if they must miss that one.  The Friday game, September 29 and competition, September 30, before Fall Break, are of course mandatory.)

If, for some reason, you/your student has an unchangeable/unavoidable conflict, I need you to contact me immediately so we can work through a solution so as to not compromise all of the hard work and precision involved in our production – which deserves the fullest possible demonstration at contests!

As always, thank you for your support of the Buckhorn High School Band programs!  

Students will not need a change of clothes, water, instruments, etc. tomorrow on the first day as we will go over the syllabus/handbook and other procedures/protocol, but we will begin regular 4th block rehearsals and after school rehearsals (Tuesdays/Thursdays until 6:00) this Thursday so they need to come prepared just like band camp!  


Jacob Souder
Director of Bands
Buckhorn High School
256-851-3300 ext. 21142

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