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Events for May 2017

This coming Friday morning, May 12th, Buckhorn High School will host its annual Senior Awards Day Ceremony for which our band provides support.  Our seniors will, of course, be involved otherwise, but all 9-11 grade band students will need to come to school in their concert attire for this event.  Students should come to the band room AT 8:00 AM (or immediately after bus arrival) – we will need the entire next hour to get all chairs, stands, and percussion equipment moved to the upper level of the Gold Gym, situated, and warmed up in time for the event to begin at 9:00.  

Students are welcome to bring a change of clothes for after the ceremony.  We will have regular 4th block band, at which time our warm-up and tuning will be very important.  The concert call time for students is as close to 5:00 as possible, on stage at Huntsville High School’s auditorium.  I encourage students to carpool. 

Finally, Graduation itself will be on Tuesday, May 23rd at 7:00 PM at the VBC.  Students need to arrive at 6:00 PM.  We will NOT be going to the morning practice like years past since underclassmen have exams.  There will be a graduation ceremony finishing before us that evening so please account for heavy traffic and difficulty parking.  If you are coming to park and stay, please be prepared for $5-$10 parking – OR – you may drop your student off near the Arena entrance of the VBC.  We will transport instruments by trailer which will be down the alley to the left of the Arena entrance.  Students will wear tuxes/dresses.  More to come later.

Audition Results

2017 Buckhorn High School Symphonic Band Chair Placement Audition Results *Scores below 80% are not listed for confidentiality purposes *Highest possible score for Winds is 155 and for Percussion is 220, students receive up to 5 extra points for playing an extra octave on the 3 major scales and the chromatic scale. Flutes (14) 169… Continue Reading


I hope everyone had a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday break!  As you know, we will be holding chair/ensemble auditions when students return to school.  Please refer to the below schedule to be able to anticipate when students will be auditioning.  Please remember: auditions will be held during class AND after school, therefore if a student… Continue Reading

Symphonic Honor Band Opportunities

Please see the information below concerning great honor band opportunities. I highly encourage ANY students to sign-up and try for these opportunities, whether a student thinks he or she is capable. University of Alabama Honor Band Festival High School February 2-5, 2017  – Applications Deadline: November 28 Registration for the 32nd Annual High School Honor Band Festival… Continue Reading

BHS Veteran’s Program

If you haven’t seen the BHS Veteran’s Day Program information, please help us share it to anyone you know.  We want to honor ALL of our nation’s veterans, as we know many of them do not get the salute and welcome they deserve when they come home.  Our band students of course will be performing… Continue Reading