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The 2018 District & All State Honor Band Audition

The 2018 District & All State Honor Band Audition requirements are now available.  

Parents, when you have some time, please look this over, go the link, print out the necessary documents, and help encourage your student to participate in this challenging but very worthwhile process!  Lots of our students are capable and should do it!  Starting now and doing a little each week is the way to go!

I will be speaking with all of our students, encouraging any and all of them to use this process of preparing for such a rigorous audition to make them not only better musicians, but better at preparation, time management, and seeing something through.  (Going through this process makes college auditions simple!)  District/All State auditions will be Friday, January 26 so all students across our entire district have 6 months to prepare!  Making a spot in our District Honor Band is a huge honor (Madison, Limestone, and Morgan Counties).  The highly coveted and competitive All State spots (for the Red, White, and Blue bands with limited slots for each band and section across all of the districts in our state) is a huge honor.  

Buckhorn Band students are quite capable of having a greater presence at District and All State Honor Bands and it starts NOW with gradually preparing the scales (just muscle memory) and etudes – info below:

Everything the students need is provided in organized folders at the below link.  

At the link, choose “All State Requirements 2018” on the left side list, then open the Google Drive folder, then choose “ABA 2018 HS…” (High School)…  The files showing here are helpful explanatory music guides, then open the “High School Scales and Exercises” folder and then choose your respective instrument.  

Provided here is:

– A scale sheet everyone can use with scales in optional octaves, including the two minor scales and the chromatic.

– The two etudes – one is HST (High School Technical) and HSL (High School Lyrical)

– A document with everything the student needs to have prepared, listed out.

I will always be available to help students with anything they need to improve themselves during this process and I encourage students to come play for me after they’ve worked out the notes and rhythms of the etudes.  Starting now and doing a little each week is the way to go!

Point Breakdown

  • 12 Major Scales and arpeggios – 24 points
  • Chromatic Scale – 4 points
  • Minor Scales – 4 points
  • Prepared Studies
  • No. 1 – 25 points
  • No. 2 – 25 points
  • Tone Quality – 10 points
  • Sight Reading – 38 points
  • Total Possible Score – 130 points

Honor Band Opportunities – Spring 2017

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Symphonic Honor Band Opportunities

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All-State Orchestra

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