Band Forms and Uniform Fitting Day

Hello, everyone, Nikka Shaneyfelt is heading up the collection of forms this year. It is very important to turn your student forms in on a timely basis. Nikka will be available to collect forms during the following upcoming activates:

· Band Rehearsal, July 25th
· Band Rehearsal, July 27th
· Uniform Fitting Day, July 29th

  • 9:00 Seniors
  • 10:00 Juniors
  • 11:00 Sophomores
  • 12:00 Freshman

·Turn forms into the basket in the band room at any time.

We want to remind you that FORMS MUST BE SUBMITTED ON UNIFORM FITTING DAY TO MAINTAIN ELIGIBILITY FOR MEMBERSHIP IN THE BAND. The forms can all be found below as well as – and are explained below. We will try to have a notary public present during Uniform fitting.

The Out of County form must be notarized. If you are going to have it notarized on Uniform Fitting Day – DO NOT SIGN THE FORM – the notary needs to witness your signature. You can find a notary at your bank and at the main office at BHS. I would call ahead to the school to make sure they will be there when you plan to go. Penny Briscoe is also a notary and has offered to notarize forms during band rehearsals.

If you are a certified notary and would be available to help on Saturday, July 29th please let me know.

The following forms are REQUIRED:
Buckhorn Band Student Information Form:  Even if you did this at BMS or previous year, we need a new one –updated! 
Last page of the BHS Band Handbook and Syllabus: signed by STUDENT AND PARENT, after reading completely
Madison County Extracurricular Participation Waiver 
Madison County Out-of-County Form: must be notarized and with each line completed.
Instrument Rental Contract: any student using a school instrument, including all members of percussion 
Student Health Form: Necessary if your student has ANY medical issues, including asthma and/or any joint issues


Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you.


Kim Grantham

Buckhorn Band Secretary

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